Expert Witness/Litigation Support

Autopsy Service in Illinois - $2000 per Case

Expert Service for Forensic Medicine - Case Review and Expert Witness


Shiping Bao, MD

Licensed Physician and Certified Forensic Pathologist

A proven expert witness in court for defense teams in infant death, suspicious asphyxia death, and accused physical assaults.
Case reviews and court news will be provided upon request.
  • Certified by The American Board of Pathology in Anatomic, Clinical and Forensic Pathology.
  • Office and autopsy suite in Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois.

Coenen, Tracy L., CPA, CFF

Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting


Certified Public Accountant licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin. Certified in Financial Forensics.

Tracy Coenen practices exclusively in the area of forensic accounting, and has completed several hundred financial investigations and fraud examinations. She has testified in numerous depositions and trials, and specializes in the following types of engagements:

  • Divorce and Family Law
  • Damage Calculations
  • Financial Statement Fraud
  • Embezzlement and Corporate Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Tax Fraud Defense
  • White Collar Criminal Defense
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness, LLC

Aisha D.

1140 Woodruff Road
(317) 296-5212

Expert Witness, LLC serves to connect attorneys who need expert medical witnesses and medical experts who can fulfill that need. We have a panel of vetted medical experts, board certified in different specialties.

  • Board Certified Medical Experts in various specialties
  • Case Evaluations for Merit
  • Quality of Care Reviews
  • Medical Records Reviews
  • Peer Reviews
  • Deposition and Testimony

Round Table Group

(312) 620-1175

Want to make sure you have a great expert witness team? 

Round Table Group has worked with every AmLaw 100 firm and performed more than 50,000 expert searches in the past quarter century.  With over 10 years average experience in the industry, our expert witness services managers have strong relationships with, and continue to recruit, the best professionals in all industries.

We make it easy for you to have unrivaled expert witnesses every time, so you can focus your energy on championing your clients.  Call us… We’re the Experts on Experts! ®