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Medical expert testimony in medical malpractice, personal injury & disability claims.

Med-Witness provides quality medical experts in any field of health care.

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MedReview Solutions, LLC

Christine Kraft


At MedReview Solutions, we offer a comprehensive medical bill review:

  • Standard Chart Audit
    • Remove charges unsubstantiated by documentation
  • Compliance Review
    • Remove charges that are not in conformance with federal billing guidelines through a detailed line-by-line review of the bill
  • Reimbursement Analysis
    • Determine a fair and reasonable value for services rendered
    • Calculate the cost of providing services rendered
    • Compare the cost and charge to other healthcare providers.

We also provide Request to Admit analysis (Illinois Rule 216). We determine if:

  • The medical bills are true and correct copies of bills received for medical treatment
  • The amounts are fair and reasonable
  • The amounts are usual and customary

Ms. Kraft (“Lewis”) has been determined to be an expert witness by the Court of Appeals of Indiana. She has deposition and trial experience.

Victoria Codispoti, MD, DLFAPA

#6 Salem Business Center South

Previously in the private practice of psychiatry for 23 years, I am a forensic expert in the fields of normal and aberrant sexual behavior (including paraphilia’s and sexual offenses), correctional psychiatry, and  PTSD. I have served as a forensic expert, performed psychiatric evaluations for the transgendered community both in and out of prison, and continue to perform general psychiatric evaluations for forensic purposes in the local and national community (competency, fitness, NGRI, mitigation).

In additional to my expertise in psychosexual disorders, I served as a psychiatric consultant to jails and state and federal correctional facilities for over 25 years in three states.

Currently I am serving our Veterans as a psychiatrist for the Veterans Administration Medical Center in southern Illinois, where I continue as an LGBT advocate and evaluator for transgendered persons and also maintain my forensic practice in the community.