Expert Services Directory: Weather/Meteorology/Climate

Allen J. Becker

Allen J. Becker

Certified Consulting Meteorologist

2130 North 85th Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Phone: 414-807-0269



I am a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with a forensic meteorology specialty.  My experience as a college/university instructor enhances my ability to clearly explain difficult meteorological concepts to a jury.

I have provided Court testimony and depositions on incidents involving fog, rain, hail, wind, and storm.  I am an expert in researching weather/climate data and preparing reports for use in your legal cases.  I also have extensive experience with wind energy and aviation weather.

Some forensic meteorological career highlights include:

  • Analysis of severe weather, wind, precipitation, hail, temperature, and moisture conditions for personal injury and structural failure cases (1992-2014).
  • Court testimony/depositions involving wind and weather conditions (1992-2014). In 1998, I worked with the Habush & Habush law firm in Milwaukee on the Miller Park "Big Blue" Crane incident.
  • Wind flow modeling and data processing for Richmond, California toxic cloud incidents (1993-94, 1999), for Unocal Oil Refinery long-term releases (1994-1996), and for Tosco Oil Refinery releases (1996-99).


Weather Command®

Weather Command®

Thomas R. Piazza, Certified Consulting Meteorologist

600 N. First Bank Drive
Palatine, IL 60067

Phone: 847-934-8230



When weather-related issues impact your litigation, you need more than the free information and generic reports that can be obtained online. You need credible testimony from a recognized weather expert.

I am an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) with a specialty in forensic meteorology. I am the President and CEO of Murray and Trettel and Weather Command® based in Palatine, IL. I have over 40 years of meteorological experience.

I can provide Certified Site-Specific Weather (CSSW)™ Reports that will validate the weather that was happening at a specific location and a specific time. My analysis provides detailed insights into the meaning and limits of the weather data available – meaning you get greater certainty in the weather-related specifics of the case you are presenting.

I use only sound and accepted meteorological practice and principles and have extensive experience and can provide written opinions, depositions, and court room expert testimony during trials. By leveraging a certified expert and highly precise data, you gain confidence in your case and credibility with the judge and jury.

Types of cases where I can help include: Slip and Fall, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Storm Damage and Flooding, Lightning Damage and Injury, Wrongful Death or any other type of case where the weather conditions were an important factor.

I am available for weather reconstruction and weather expert testimony cases anywhere in the United States.