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August 1999Volume 87Number 8Pages 393-444

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Plaintiff must show physical contact or threat of physicalcontact to recover for intentional infliction of emotional distress under the Federal Employers' Liability Act; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Tort Law | By
Hon. Barbara A. McDonald
A critical look at recent cases modifying the rule that allows admission of prior injuries to the same part of the plaintiff's body.
Employment Law | By
Allison Despard
A review of recent law, with a focus on employer liability for supervisors' sexually harassing conduct.
Administrative Law | By
James W. Chipman
Rule 23 has been applied too freely to limit published opinions in administrative law decisions, this author argues.


Letters to the Editor
The case for attorney-notaries
Editor’s Note | By
Stephen C. Buser
This month's Journal features an article by Chicago trial judge Barbara McDonald on a much-discussed topic of late among tort practitioners ; the fifth district's Brown v Baker decision and its impact on the same-part-of-the-body rule. 
President’s Page | By
Cheryl Niro
As I sit at my computer today facing a blank screen and the knowledge that my President's Page is now past due, I am suddenly conscious of the public focus on our profession these recent days.
The Lawyer’s Journal | By
Bonnie McGrath
Breach of fiduciary duty: A new application
Practice Tips | By
Lee Beneze
Robyn O’Neill
You may have clients -- elderly or otherwise -- who are eligible to have Medicaid pay a portion of their Medicare costs but aren't taking advantage of the program.
Practice Tips | By
LaDonna Carlton
GenXers are a different breed of jurors than their boomer counterparts.
Malpractice Prevention Update | By
Anne E. Thar
How not to get on your client's bad side — and the wrong side of a malpractice suit.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
Todd Flaming
Read all about the simple, inexpensive legal software we ought to have and learn why we don't have it -- yet.
Legal Communication | By
Mark Sanders
If you don't have time to read as much as you'd like, consider viewing a movie based on a good book about the law.