Illinois Bar Journal

The Magazine of Illinois Lawyers

October 2002Volume 90Number 10Pages 497-564

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Illinois Law Update

Statute of repose for legal malpractice begins to toll after lawyer's last act; legislation creates new Uniform Partnership Act; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Judges and Judiciary | By
Hon. Lloyd A. Karmeier
Hon. Morton Denlow
Alfred M. Swanson Jr.
Celia G. Gamrath
Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum
, and
Michele M. Jochner
What separates a merely competent judge from an excellent one? Here's a review of the qualities.
Tort Law | By
Theodore R. LeBlang
A review of the statutory and case law shielding physicians who provide medical care in emergencies.
Fraud | By
Roger L. Price
Mark L. Johnson
The exception has generated a confusing body of case law; the authors propose a way to reconcile the decisions.
Real Estate Law | By
Peter J. Bedard
A look at how the Act can help your construction-business clients get paid for work they've done on public projects.
Taxation | By
James W. Hilliard
Here's how taxing authorities can determine whether property is being used for religious purposes without impermissibly inquiring into religious beliefs.


Law Office Management & Technology | By
Todd H. Flaming
Here's the hardware and software you need to network the computers in your office and increase your efficiency and productivity.
Legal Communication | By
Maureen B. Collins
Attorney-client relationships aren't the only important ones in your professional life. Learn how to talk to your partners, associates and other lawyer-coworkers.
Malpractice Prevention Update | By
Karen J. Dilibert
A career is a terrible thing to waste; but if you insist, here's how to do it.