Illinois Bar Journal

The Magazine of Illinois Lawyers

July 2003Volume 91Number 7Pages 317-364

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Illinois Law Update

Nonparty treating physician fees not "costs"; zoning ordinance infringes on state licensing procedures; governor signs Equal Pay Act; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Civil Practice | By
Justin Lee Heather
Defenses and drafting techniques to help attorneys protect clients from claims for prejudgment interest.
Zoning | By
John J. Lawlor
Zoning for special uses and planned developments could become harder than ever; find out why.
Criminal / Computer Law | By
Rachel J. Hess
A review of the search-and-seizure issues that arise in the investigation of Internet crimes.
Securities Law | By
Daniel A. Ninivaggi
Stephen J. Senderowitz
, and
James J. Cotter
Attorneys now might be as liable for false or misleading disclosures as their issuer clients
Witnesses | By
Peggy Shapiro
Perry Myers
Simple, low- or no-cost tools for finding witnesses who don't want to be found.


President’s Page | By
Terrence J. Lavin
As I embark on this wonderful journey as your president, I find myself constantly thinking about the people who helped me get to this lofty position.
Legal Communication | By
Mark E. Wojcik
New lawyers and summer clerks, listen up: you're researching real cases now. Here are some pointers to help you with the critical first task of any research assignment; determining its scope and limits.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Phill Johnson
Jury instructions aren't hard to find in print, but you'll have less luck searching online.