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January 2004Volume 92Number 1Pages 1-52

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Illinois Law Update

Relation back for any cause of action arising from same transaction; occurrence; no co-pay required of public aid recipients for generic drugs; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Estate Planning / Taxation | By
Susan T. Bart
A critical look at legislation "decoupling" Illinois' estate tax from the federal credit.
Family Law | By
David N. Schaffer
How to review the DCFS investigative file, appeal an indicated finding, conduct discovery, and prepare for the administrative review hearing.
Civil Practice | By
John J. D’Attomo
The court issue a TRO against your client without notice and based on a frivolous theory. What can you do?
Tort Law | By
Fred Johnson
A federal appellate decision limited Medicare's subrogation interest in settlement proceeds, but the new Medicare reform law legislatively overturned the court and expands the lien.
Real Estate Law | By
James K. Weston
A new law allows a title insurance company to file a certificate of release for any paid-off mortgage.


President’s Page | By
Terrence J. Lavin
One of the plums of this position as the president of your Illinois State Bar Association is the opportunity to speak to newly admitted attorneys at the swearing-in ceremony conducted by the Illinois Supreme Court.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
Paul Sullivan
The key: make sure you're recognized as an "expert," especially by prospective clients.
Legal Communication | By
Maureen B. Collins
Like a house, a brief needs a solid framework, intricate inner workings, and an attractive appearance.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Paul D. Callister
Sometimes research still works best with books, and sometimes it works better on the computer. We're still trying to figure out why and when.