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January 2005Volume 93Number 1Pages 1-52

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Illinois Law Update

State must prove by a preponderance that termination of parental rights is in child's best interests; attorney client privilege waived when party asserting it puts privileged communication directly at issue; and more.

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Family Law | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
QDROs are an increasingly painful – and important – part of practice. And ignoring them won't make the pain go away.
Attorney & Client | By
Bridget Hoy
Don't let your "casual conversation" turn into an attorney-client relationship that triggers the attendant ethical obligations.
Family Law | By
Rebecca J. Whitcombe
This supreme court case from a few weeks ago casts a cloud on the law's future.
Business Law | By
William B. Fox
Business sellers and buyers often allocate a portion of the sale price to these intangible assets – here's how to reduce taxes in the process.
Tort Law | By
Elliot R. Schiff
The author recommends that nonparties, settling defendants, and plaintiffs not be considered when apportioning liability.


Finding Illinois Law | By
Thomas Keefe
Your familiar print resources are probably online, where they're more powerful than ever.
Real Estate Law | By
James K. Weston
Here's a summary of some of the many recent changes in real estate taxation.
Family Law | By
H. Joseph Gitlin
The Illinois Appellate Court takes yet another tack.