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January 2006Volume 94Number 1Pages 1-52

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Illinois Law Update

A motion to transfer venue will be reviewed de novo; amendment to the residential burglary statute does not apply retroactively; marital dissolution apportionment does not have to be equal; and more.

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Professionalism | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
From needless discovery squabbles and poor preparation among the bar to high-handedness on the bench, judges tell what bugs them.
Mediation | By
James E. Sullivan
Arthur J. Murphy
A Q&A from Cook County about how mediation works in civil cases and how it can reduce time and money spent.
Mediation | By
Suzanne J. Schmitz
Mediation of civil cases is also succeeding in the state's southern- most counties. find out why and how.
Employment Law / Contracts | By
David F. Rolewick
For years, most Illinois courts have held that an employer can't stop departed employees from recruiting the employer's current workers. But that might be changing.
Taxation / Real Property | By
Karyn R. Vanderwarren
Whether you're counsel or a board member, you can help your charity try to qualify for an exemption and put the dollars you save to charitable use.


President’s Page | By
Robert K. Downs
ISBA faces the challenge of implementing a bold new image advertising campaign and CLE on a grand scale. 
Real Estate Law | By
James K. Weston
A well-intentional law armed at predatory lending puts title companies and lawyers at risk, the author argues
Finding Illinois Law | By
Thomas Keefe
The net is best used as a compliment to, not replacement for, traditional sources of legal information.
Family Law | By
H. Joseph Gitlin
By removing the cloud over surrogacy in Illinois, the Gestational Surrogracy Act promises to make the procedure more popular with would-be parents.