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April 2006Volume 94Number 4Pages 157-212

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Illinois Law Update

Probate Act should be read independently of IMDMA; title insurer not liable for economic loss, negligent misrepresentation; trial court granted broad discretion in divorce rulings; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Trial Practice | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
Judges and lawyers discuss how to avoid costly mistakes and best promote your clients' interests in judge-conducted settlement conferences.
Employment Law / Human Rights | By
Bryan P. Cavanaugh
"Sexual orientation" is now a protected status in the Illinois workplace. Here's what that means for your clients.
Real Estate Law / Eminent Domain | By
Ronald S. Cope
A look at how Kelo affects municipalities' power to use eminent domain to promote economic development.
Criminal Law / Traffic | By
Theodore J. Harvatin
What impact does supervision really have on your clients, especially commercial drivers? Make sure you're up to date.
Banking | By
Michael G. Cortina
Try not to let your bank clients get caught between the conflicting dictates of state and federal privacy laws.


President’s Page | By
Robert K. Downs
When it comes to promoting the rule of law, lawyers should be political animals.
Real Estate Law | By
James K. Weston
Illinois' predatory lending law gets off to a slow start, and notary fraud arrives on legislators' radar screens.
Risk Prevention | By
Karen Erger
Doing too many things at once makes Jack or Jill a dimwitted lawyer.
Family Law | By
H. Joseph Gitlin
Why say "dissolution of marriage" when "divorce" says it more clearly?