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September 2009Volume 97Number 9Pages 429-480

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Illinois Law Update

Right to argue against arbitration waived if party doesn't timely object; act creates payment assistance to low-income utilities customers; Illinois veterans homes code updated; and more.

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Solo Practice | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
Can you really go straight from law school into solo practice? What are the surest ways to succeed — or stumble?
Employment Law | By
Cynthia H. Hyndman
Robert Margolis
, and
Aleeza Strubel
The Illinois Supreme Court's Sangamon County Sheriff's Department decision subjects employers to strict liability for sexual harassment by their supervisors. So, who is a supervisor?
Family Law/ Employee Benefits | By
Leon I. Finkel
Hailee R. Bloom
Now ex-spouses must change the beneficiary designation after divorce or risk inadvertently enriching their former partners.
Criminal Law | By
John J. Cullerton
Peter G. Baroni
Daniel S. Mayerfield
Ryan J. Rohlfsen
, and
Paul H. Tzur
A newly enacted reorganization of the Unified Code of Corrections helps bring sentencing up to date in Illinois.
Bankruptcy | By
Matthew M. Benson
The "means test," which was expected to render Chapter 7 bankruptcies largely unavailable, only affects a handful of debtors.


President’s Page | By
John G. O’Brien
The Gala is a great time and a crucial source of funding for the Illinois Bar Foundation.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
The new rules have extensive official commentary, something missing from the current RPC.
Business Law | By
Lin Hanson
LLC members who exercise the power of a manager now owe a fiduciary duty to the company.
Civil Practice | By
Professor Jeffrey A. Parness
A recent Illinois Supreme Court opinion analyzes exceptions to the mootness doctrine.