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May 2010Volume 98Number 5Pages 221-276

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Illinois Law Update

A chiropractor is a "physician" under supreme court rules; the common fund doctrine applies to hospital liens; prior sexual history, reputation not admissible in civil trials; and more.

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Attorney and Client | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
You've had enough of the Client from Hell and you need to withdraw from the representation. The good news - you almost certainly can. Just make sure you do it properly.
Attorney and Client Trial Practice | By
Robert L. Fogel
Michael S. Young
, and
Katie M. King
A look at the trial lawyer's fiduciary and ethical responsibility to disclose, monitor, and control reimbursable case expenses incurred on behalf of clients.
Family Law | By
Hon. Laninya A. Cason
The Act, with a powerful arsenal of civil relief centered on the order of protection, offers help and hope to victims of domestic violence. Here's an overview of its provisions.
Estate Planning | By
Margot Gordon
Custodial claims enable family members who cared for a now-deceased relative to be compensated for their years of unpaid or underpaid caregiving. Here's how it works.
Attorney Discipline | By
Mary Patricia Benz
Are some disciplinary cases good candidates for mediation? This lawyer-mediator says "yes."


President’s Page | By
John G. O’Brien
Lawyer public servants explain why they belong.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
Great (and free) Web-based resources.
Estate Planning | By
Katarinna McBride
Is the battle over Anna Nicole Smith's husband's estate finally over?
Judges Corner | By
Hon. Ron Spears
Checklists can help us reduce avoidable errors.
New Ethics Rules | By
Robert T. Park
Don't make a false statement, offer false evidence, or fail to disclose adverse authority.