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October 2010Volume 98Number 10Pages 493-548

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The Illinois Municipal Code and implied preemption; greater security of parental rights in appointed guardianships; better protection for Illinois employees when employers fail to pay; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Practice Of Law | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
Limited scope or discrete task legal representation - aka "unbundling"- is a client- and lawyer-friendly idea whose time has come, proponents say.
Real Estate Law | By
Kevin M. Hudspeth
Does a recent Illinois Supreme Court opinion render some alreadyissued foreclosure orders voidable? If so, what might that mean for the property and subsequent buyers?
Trust and Estates | By
Tina N. Babel
Lawyers for trustees are sometimes surprised to learn that the attorney-client privilege actually belongs to trust beneficiaries. Here's a look at the confusing state of Illinois law.
Defamation / Business Law | By
Joseph J. Siprut
Your business client wants you to respond to lies told by competitors or others. What now? This article reviews the options.
Civil Practice | By
Kurt D. Hadley
Assume a state-court case with multiple defendants who are served at different times - how do you calculate the deadline for removing it to federal court? Here's a look.


President’s Page | By
Mark D. Hassakis
Illinois Lawyer Finder can connect you with clients. Shouldn't you be there?
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
What makes the oldsters tick? Here's a handy guide.
New Ethics Rules | By
Markus May
It's now easier to represent multiple clients, and to practice in Illinois if you're from out of state.
Family Law | By
H. Joseph Gitlin
A divorcing lawyer has earned a big fee but hasn't been paid. Is the fee award marital property?
Real Estate Law | By
Joseph R. Fortunato
Steven B. Bashaw
Should your divorcing, foreclosedupon client consolidate the foreclosure with the divorce?