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November 2010Volume 98Number 100Pages 549-600

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Illinois Law Update

Dramshop Act does not block respondeat superior claim for employee drunk driving; minimum penalty enacted for traffic offenses; amendments aid state collection of tax revenue from tobacco retailers; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Estate Planning | By
Mary D. Cascino
A sweeping rewrite of this important Act creates new statutory POA forms for healthcare and property that better protect principals, agents, and third parties. Here's what you need to know - and see the link to new statutory forms on page 569.
Family Law | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
You'd like to serve as a GAL, child rep, or attorney for the child - how do you play this important but challenging role? Seasoned lawyers offer dos, don'ts, and tips.
Family Law | By
Suzanne J. Schmitz
Because their presence may hinder family mediation, GALs should be excluded, the author argues.
Creditor’s Rights | By
Michael G. Cortina
As more loans go bad, banks looking to collect from defaulting borrowers are turning to judgments by confession. Here's how they work.
Litigation | By
Christopher P. Keleher
The Illinois Predator Accountability Act of 2006 allows victims of sexual exploitation to sue pimps, brothels, and customers. Learn about the law's potential and pitfalls.


President’s Page | By
Mark D. Hassakis
Not every law office VIP has a law license.
The Judges Corner | By
Hon. Ron Spears
Healing broken children is hard but essential work.
Estate Planning | By
Katarinna McBride
Estate planners look for ways to use this year's expiration of the estate tax to clients' advantage.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
The recently redesigned Illinois state homepage is an improvement over its predecessor.
New Ethics Rules | By
Donald E. Weihl
The new version of Rule 3.7 ("Lawyer as Witness") doesn't change the law, but it expresses it more clearly.