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December 2010Volume 98Number 12Pages 601-648

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The preclusive effect of summary suspension hearings in subsequent adjudications; schools no longer obligated to comply with unfunded mandates; Illinois implements changes to Nurse Practice Act; and more.

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Evidence | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
On January 1, Illinois finally joins the vast majority of states by codifying its rules of evidence. Here are highlights of the new code.
Judiciary | By
Gino L. DiVito
Judicial elections? Merit selection? While the decades-old debate continues, a former judge proposes a constitutional amendment that represents a third way.
Guardianship | By
Margaret C. Benson
An important new amendment to the Illinois Probate Act clarifies when nonparents have standing in minor guardianship cases and otherwise honors the rights of parents while protecting children.
Discovery | By
Charles D. Knight
A wrongly issued pretrial discovery order threatens to undermine your case - what can you do to get a second opinion at this early stage in the litigation? More than you might think.
Employment Law / Civil Rights | By
Nicholas P. Cholis
Does an Illinois employer violate Title VII's anti-retaliation provision by suing a worker who has filed a discrimination claim? Here's a look at this complex question.


In re Marriage of Zells and not-yet-paid contingency fees; Foreclosure and divorce; and Who was that legal assistant?
A Message From The President-Elect | By
John G. Locallo
Nominate Yourself for an ISBA Committee or Section.
President’s Page | By
Mark D. Hassakis
Illinois spends much more on jailing juveniles than on prevention.
Civil Practice | By
Professor Jeffrey A. Parness
Important differences between the two limit the persuasive power of federal precedents in Illinois.
Business Law | By
Sherwin D. Abrams
Warning to buyers of going businesses: you may be buying some of your sellers' liabilities.
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
So what can you say and do on your website? A new ABA ethics opinion provides guidance.