Illinois Bar Journal

The Magazine of Illinois Lawyers

April 2012Volume 100Number 4Pages 169-224

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Illinois Law Update

Ex-husband lacks standing to sue for custody of former wife's adopted child; municipalities may use automated speed enforcement systems in safety zones; implementation of the Video Gaming Act; and more.

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Legal Technology | By
Maria Kantzavelos
Wouldn't it be great to access case files from your laptop or store essential documents where no disaster can reach them? You can, and here's how.
Employment Law | By
Kelly M. Greco
David J. Fish
, and
Shannon Barnaby
A look at enforcing restrictive covenants in the wake of the Illinois Supreme Court's Reliable Fire ruling, complete with practice tips for lawyers on both sides of a non-compete case.
Family Law / Taxation | By
Barbara K. Lundergan
You may be surprised to learn that civil unions afford better tax treatment than marriage for some heterosexual couples.
Tort Law | By
John A. Bruegger
The Barber court made clear that defendants can stop a class action by tendering full relief to the named plaintiffs - the so-called "pick off" maneuver. Here's a review and practice advice.
Criminal Law | By
Rob Shumaker
An appellate clerk points out six common errors that send criminal cases to the next level and suggests ways to avoid them.


President’s Page | By
John G. Locallo
Are we doing all we can to give young lawyers value for their dues?
IBJ Centennial
A look at Law Day over the years
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
Even claims that don't result in a payout teach lessons.
Family Law | By
H. Joseph Gitlin
How a veteran lawyer balances happiness with financial success.
Real Estate Law | By
Joseph R. Fortunato Jr.
Is it time for legislation that voids liability limitations in property inspectors' contracts?