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May 2012Volume 100Number 5Pages 225-276

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Offers to pay medical expenses excluded for purposes of showing liability; long-term acute care hospitals no longer required to provide emergency care; changes to administrative requirements for underground storage tanks; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Ethics/Attorney and Client | By
Bonnie Booth
Returning phone calls, carefully defining your scope of representation - such client-friendly behavior isn't just good business practice, it can keep the ARDC from your door.
DUI | By
Thomas Kantas
In Kladis, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the state commits a discovery violation if it loses or destroy video evidence in a misdemeanor DUI case. Here's a look at this and related cases.
Family Law | By
Thomas J. Kasper
The IMDMA's 12 factors for calculating maintenance amount to a checklist for both sides in a divorce where maintenance is an issue. This article discusses each factor.
Expert Witnesses | By
Justin D. Scheid
New Rule 703 permits an expert witness to base an opinion on inadmissible facts if they are reasonably relied on by experts in the field.
Contracts | By
Jack Leyhane
You could argue that a contract provision is ambiguous because it has more than one meaning. Or you could argue that it doesn't have any clear meaning. The article looks at both approaches.


President’s Page | By
John G. Locallo
Joining the ISBA's charitable arm lets you give back to the profession, help those who need it, and have fun in the process.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
What better place to look for court information - everything from opinions to court rules to brief-writing guides - than the court's own website?
The Judge’s Corner | By
Hon. Ron Spears
"Bricolage" is the art of creating a solution using whatever is available. It's an art litigators would do well to cultivate.
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