Illinois Bar Journal

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June 2012Volume 100Number 6Pages 277-336

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Fiduciary-duty exception to attorney-client privilege does not exist in Illinois; protection against harassment for the victims of sex crimes; changes to the Medical Programs Code; and more.

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Real Estate Law | By
Maria Kantzavelos
Proponents say foreclosure mediation helps homeowners find relief – or at least closure – in an often forbidding legal process. Here’s what’s underway in the various counties.
Civil Practice | By
Anne M. Skrodzki
In Hudson v. City of Chicago, the Illinois Supreme Court held that the res judicata doctrine limits a plaintiff’s ability to refile a voluntarily dismissed claim after the involuntary dismissal of an earlier claim. So when can a voluntary claim be refiled?
Family Law | By
Natalie T. Lorenz
The Civil Union Act represents a movement away from the public policy of encouraging only traditional heterosexual married couple relationships, prompting the question: Should Illinois recognize unmarried couples’ cohabitation agreements?
Immigration / Tort Law | By
Douglas A. Wolfe
Is an undocumented immigrant plaintiff entitled to recover future lost wages at a U.S. rate of pay? No Illinois court of review has decided, but here’s a look at what other jurisdictions are doing and what Illinois might – and should – do.
Corporations | By
Markus May
Drag-along rights let majority shareholders force others to sell at the same price and on the same terms, making the shares more valuable. The author argues they should be enforceable in Illinois and offers a checklist for drafting drag-along provisions.


DUI videos, home inspections.
President’s Page | By
John G. Locallo
A one-sentence lyric from the Beatles sums up a 12-month journey at the helm of the ISBA.
IBJ Centennial
From the archives
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
You can’t not be a lawyer, so always be on your best behavior.
Civil Practice | By
Professor Jeffrey A. Parness
Is the “superior parental rights” doctrine outdated?
Business Law | By
Michelle Nijm
It’s harder than you think, but pending legislation would ease the burden.