Illinois Bar Journal

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April 2014Volume 102Number 4Pages 153-204

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Illinois Law Update

Statute of limitations for fraudulent misrepresentation claim; new fee amounts for employers ordered to pay unpaid wages; FOID card procedures; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Health Care Law/Employment Law | By
Ed Finkel
What will the Medical Cannabis Act mean for patients? For employers? Others? Prepare to advise clients about what some are calling the most restrictive medical marijuana law in the country.
Tort Law / Health Care Law | By
Margaret J. Lowery
Properly performed peer review is not subject to discovery in med-mal litigation. But health care providers sometimes learn the hard way how the privilege can be lost.
Criminal Law | By
Robin B. Murphy
After Salinas, non-custodial suspects must expressly invoke the right to remain silent, or silence can be held against them. But in Illinois, state law provides some evidentiary protection.
Employment Law  | By
Daniel Myerson
A clear chain of command and well-drafted anti-harassment policies can help employers ward off retaliation and hostile work environment claims.
Sidebar | By
Nicholas Biersbach
It isn't clear whether federal rulings limiting mixed-motive claims will influence state courts' interpretation of the Illinois Human Rights Act.
Mechanics Liens | By
Howard M. Turner
Michael T. Nigro
Crafting a valid, error-free claim for lien for your contractor clients requires more than just reading the Mechanics Lien Act. Here are tips based on the statute and the cases interpreting it.


Lawyer ratings and specialization; harsh penalties for drivers with traces of drugs; restricted driving permits after four DUIs.
President's Page | By
Paula H. Holderman
Sharper competition is challenging law firms, law schools, and bar associations.
Ethics | By
Charles J. Northrup
Lawyers' ethical obligation to understand technology comes under the heading competence.
Best of ISBA Newsletters
Here's what to do for divorcing partners who love their pet but not each other.
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
Perfectionism won't make you perfect. In fact, it might actually inhibit your performance.