Illinois Bar Journal

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August 2014Volume 102Number 8Pages 357-408

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Illinois Law Update

Only actual conflicts between state laws require choice-of-law determinations; criteria established for expunging a minor's record; driver's ed required for first-time licensees; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Law Practice Management / Marketing | By
Ed Finkel
Afraid you're too shy to get up and do what needs to be done to market your practice? Fear not. Good marketing is more about listening than talking.
Family Law | By
Richard A. Wilson
Illinois' new same-sex marriage law leaves in place the Civil Union Act and provides for voluntary conversion of civil unions to marriages, among other important changes.
Evidence | By
James P. Looby
Under the right circumstances, you can help prove or defend your civil case by using the investigating police officer's report as a past recollection recorded.
Business Law | By
Kaitlyn Anne Wild
Damage awards can take years, and Illinois' prejudgment interest statute doesn't always apply. Why not include a prejudgment interest provision in contracts for your business clients?
Taxation | By
Alice E. Keane
You must buy adequate health insurance for dependents under the Affordable Care Act or pay a penalty. But who is a "dependent"? A broader range of people than you might think.


Don't be scammed; property tax sales and bankruptcy.
President's Page | By
Richard D. Felice
The ISBA's Springfield and Chicago offices are worth a fresh look.
Legislative Roundup | By
Jim Covington
Illinois legislators revised the health care POA, created guidelines for calculating maintenance, and more.
The Judge's Corner | By
Hon. Ron Spears
Lawyers are using Internet to research prospective jurors.
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
Ever use a public computer to access you work email? Find out how risky that is.