August 2017Volume 105Number 8Page 49

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ISBA Mutual Giving Circle 100% Members

The ISBA Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with the Illinois Bar Foundation to create the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle, new in FY 2017. This program allows ISBA Mutual policyholders to donate all or part of their dividend to support the mission of the IBF. Firms who donate their entire dividend join the exclusive ranks of the 100% Club, which entitles them to receive recognition in the Illinois Bar Journal, in addition to other benefits. Here's the current list of 100% Club members.

  • Acosta Law Offices, P.C.
  • Austriaco and Associates, Ltd.
  • Bizzieri Law Offices, LLC
  • Bleakley Law LLC
  • Burnside, Johnston, Connor & Jensen
  • Cara Moore Rafanelli, Attorney at Law
  • Donnelly Law LLC
  • Chausow Shafer, P.C.
  • Edmund P. Wanderling, Attorney at Law
  • Geraci, Arreola & Hernandez, L.L.C.
  • Gilmartin Legal, LLC
  • Golden Law Offices
  • Gregory E. Rogus, P.C.
  • Hammel Law Office, P.C.
  • Hitpas Mediation
  • Hughes Law Offices LLC dba Diesel Injury Law
  • Hunsinger Law & Consulting
  • Insight Counsel, LLC
  • Jean A. Adams, Attorney at Law
  • Joel H. Greenburg, Ltd.
  • Klein Law Group, P.C.
  • Konicek & Dillon, P.C.
  • LaMarca Law Office, P.C.
  • Law Office of Barbara F. De Kerf
  • Law Office of Claire A. Weinstein
  • Law Office of Courtney M. Clark, P.C.
  • Law Office of Eileen R. Fitzgerald
  • Law Office of Gregory Catrambone, P.C.
  • Law Office of Harry C. Lee
  • Law Office of Irving J. Ochsenschlager
  • Law Office of Jenny Cruz Pedroza, LLC
  • Law Office of Judith Jenz
  • Law Office of Lorence H. Slutzky, Ltd.
  • Law Office of Susan Shea Hickel
  • Law Offices of Bosslet & O'Leary, Ltd.
  • Law Offices of Cathy Ann Pilkington
  • Mary Lou McLennan, P.C.
  • Mayerbock Law Firm
  • McKeown Law Office
  • Michael E. Brandt, Attorney at Law
  • Norman Conrad, Attorney at Law
  • Paul H. Vishny, Attorney at Law
  • Posey Law Group LLC
  • R. Dean Conlin, Esq.
  • Randall F. Clark, Attorney at Law
  • Richard A. Ginsburg, Attorney at Law
  • Robert L. Watson, Attorney at Law
  • Roger J. Kiley, Jr., P.C.
  • Ronald F. Coplan, P.C.
  • Sandra R. Simon, PC
  • The Law Office of Lyndsay A. Markley, Ltd.
  • Totten Law Office LLC
  • Vincent C. Machroli, P.C.
  • Wald Law, Ltd.
  • WhiteheadFink Elder Law, LLC
  • Whitt Law LLC
  • Wilczynski, Wilczynski & Ciambrone, Ltd.
  • William Y. Franks, Attorney at Law

To join and learn more about the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle, contact the Illinois Bar Foundation at (312) 726-6072 or

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