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October 2017Volume 105Number 10Pages 1-60

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Illinois Law Update

"Other crimes" testimony more prejudicial than probative where defendant was not permitted to inform jury of acquittal; courthouses must post notices with information for filing complaints against judges; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Civil Practice | By
Ed Finkel
Cases involving at least one self-represented litigant make up most of the civil docket outside Cook County. What does the mean for courts and lawyers in Illinois?
Health Care Law  | By
Dunstan H. Barnes
A review of key issues that arise when clients seek to open an Illinois cannabis dispensary, including regulatory requirements, intellectual property protection (patents, trade secrets, and trademarks), and – importantly – attorneys' ethical concerns.
Estate Planning/Family Law
Divorcing clients should change beneficiary designations and take other steps to make sure their soon-to-be ex doesn't reap an unintended windfall if they die before the divorce is final.
A stipulation to facts in a criminal case is not an admission for purposes of a subsequent civil trial. Right? Not so fast, this author says.
Insurance | By
Richard J. Vanswol
A look at theories under which courts have required insurers to cover alleged Telephone Consumer Protection Act violations and the evolving legacy of those cases in coverage law and beyond.
Environmental Law | By
Antonette R. Palumbo
Non-profit organizations are turning to litigation against industrial point sources to reduce the amount of nitrate and phosphorus pollution in the state's waterways.


President's Page | By
Hon. Russell W. Hartigan
Recent events from Poland to Turkey to Charlottesville underscore the urgent need to stand up for the rule of law around the world.
President-Elect Message | By
James F. McCluskey
Looking for a chance to lead? Consider nominating yourself for one of our many section councils and committees for 2018-19.
Member to Member
Find a qualified ISBA member when a case falls outside of your area of practice.
Ethics | By
Charles J. Northrup
Nearly a third of Illinois ethics rules require lawyers to get a client's informed consent before proceeding. But what is "informed consent"?
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
Dread the meet-and-greet time built into professional conferences? Here are tips for making the most of your next networking event.
Pointers from Practice HQ | By
Jennifer Ramovs
Creating PDF files is essential for e-filing. Find out which PDF software is right for you.
Senator Dick Durbin will be the featured honoree and speaker at the 2017 Illinois Bar Foundation Gala at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago Friday, October 20.