Illinois Bar Journal

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December 2017Volume 105Number 12Pages 1-48

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Illinois Law Update

Showing only that a foreign corporation is registered in Illinois is not grounds for jurisdiction; liens obtained under the Health Care Service Lien Act not limited to medical expenses; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Year in Review | By
Ed Finkel
The year saw the advent of electronic filing, major federal and state Supreme Court cases, a new method for calculating child support, the release of the ISBA "futures report," and other noteworthy developments. Here's a look back.
Evidence | By
Professor Richard S. Kling
Khalid Hasan
, and
Martin D. Gould
Social media content is a trove of potentially powerful evidence. How do you maximize your prospects for getting access to it? The authors explain how to use discovery and other means to obtain social media postings.
Transportation / Local Government Law | By
Dave Baron
Illinois and its municipalities have taken various approaches to regulating the popular and rapidly evolving mode of passenger transportation. Here's a look at state and local ridesharing regulation.
Criminal Procedure | By
Julia Kaye Wykoff
In Utah v. Strieff, the police stopped a suspect illegally but discovered there was a warrant for his arrest. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that evidence found during the subsequent search was admissible despite the illegal stop thanks to the discovery of the warrant. This article reviews the implications of Strieff for prosecutors and defense lawyers.
Law Practice Management / ISBA
An ISBA special committee is exploring ways to make sure lawyers have succession plans in place when they die, become disabled, or otherwise discontinue practice.


President's Page | By
Hon. Russell W. Hartigan
A 16-member ISBA committee will convene stakeholders and promote community planning to address the scourge of gun violence statewide.
President-Elect Message | By
James F. McCluskey
Looking for a chance to lead? Consider nominating yourself for one of our many section councils and committees for 2018-19.
Pointers from Practice HQ | By
Jennifer Ramovs
Learn why Office 365 might be the right choice for you and your firm.
Loss Prevention | By
Jeff Strand
There's a lot to like about Illinois' move to mandatory e-filing on January 1. But some new risks come with it. Don't wait till the last minute to prepare for them.
The attorney roles grew by 1,335 last month as new lawyers took the oath at five locations across Illinois.