Illinois Bar Journal

May 2020Volume 108Number 5Page 8

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President's Page

You and the ISBA in These Times

The ISBA is responding quickly to support its members with additional services, benefits, and information.

David B. Sosin

As I write this President’s Page, I am not sure what the rapidly changing events of this coronavirus-invaded world will hold for us. But I am confident that the Illinois State Bar Association is healthy, strong, financially stable, and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In response to the effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our lives, the Association has quickly and comprehensively acted for its members.

  • The ISBA’s COVID-19 website, is a hub of information for meeting updates, court operations, small business advice, health and wellness tips, and about the coronavirus itself.
  • The Association’s CLE department has provided 10 free hours of CLE—on top of the 15 free hours all ISBA members currently receive per bar year—to all practicing lawyers in Illinois during this time of sheltering in place. (I want to especially note that the ISBA’s CLE on-demand catalog contains many hours of mental health and wellness content.)
  • The ISBA has created a free COVID-19 discussion forum on ISBA Central where members are posting hundreds of valuable suggestions, bits of wisdom, and questions that are on many of our minds.
  • Daily updates in E-Clips also contain the latest news coverage of COVID-19-related legal issues.

As we all deal with the profound effects the pandemic is having on our lives, livelihood, and families, please do your best to support each other. As lawyers, we are a resilient and indispensable asset to our communities. And we can provide leadership during this epic time. If we all continue to lead by example, with the knowledge gained from our ISBA resources, our communities will be so much better for our actions. It may be that many among us are also suffering physically, emotionally, or financially. At the very least, join our COVID-19 ISBA Central Community. Ask questions. Provide guidance and support. We are all, together, navigating issues that we could not have imagined even one month ago.

Lastly, I must mention that May is Member Appreciation Month at the ISBA. We’ll be having a sale on ISBA books and running several contests and giveaways throughout the month (see the ad on page 9). Please stay tuned to ISBA communications for information on all of the wonderful things we have in store for you this month to show our appreciation for your continued membership in the ISBA.

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