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Articles From J. Timothy Eaton

Petitions for Leave to Appeal: Smoothing Your Path to Illinois Supreme Court Review By J. Timothy Eaton March 2016 Article, Page 40 The supreme court receives thousands of petitions every year from unsuccessful appellate litigants, but it hears only a few. Here's how to increase the odds that yours will be one.
The Too-Expansive Illinois General Verdict Rule By J. Timothy Eaton, Michael W. Rathsack, and Michael T. Reagan March 2013 Article, Page 142 More and more Illinois courts are upholding general verdicts if there is any error-free basis for doing so. They should do the opposite, these authors say.
When Recusal Leads to DEADLOCK: A Constitutional Cure By J. Timothy Eaton and Lynn A. Ellenberger October 2009 Article, Page 510 The authors propose a constitutional amendment allowing replacement of Illinois Supreme Court justices when recusal makes rendering a decision impossible.