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Articles From Maria Kantzavelos

The Lawyer’s iPad: Using Tablets in Your Practice By Maria Kantzavelos May 2013 Article, Page 232 Can you really use your mobile device to practice more effectively? Tech experts say "yes" and tell you how.
Marketing Your Practice via Social Media By Maria Kantzavelos April 2013 Article, Page 180 You can find clients on Facebook and LinkedIn. Or, more to the point, they can find you. But be sure to go about it the right way or you'll lose business and run afoul of ethics rules.
Riding the DIY Wave By Maria Kantzavelos March 2013 Article, Page 128 Lawyers should respond to do-it-yourself law sites by serving clients in new ways, an Elmhurst lawyer suggests.
Sharpening Your Pencil: Financial Basics for Law Firms By Maria Kantzavelos February 2013 Article, Page 76 Are your employees getting the tax relief they deserve? Are you? Should you process your own payroll? A CPA tells lawyers a thing or two about the business side of running a practice.
E-Filing Gets the Green Light By Maria Kantzavelos January 2013 Article, Page 20 Are you ready for service by e-mail? Filing at 11:59 p.m.? The electronic record as official court record? Effective January 1, the Illinois Supreme Court has taken a big, 21st-Century step toward making e-filing the norm and not the exception.
Handling Confrontational Clients By Maria Kantzavelos December 2012 Article, Page 636 Learn techniques to help you manage your relationship with confrontational clients.
For Sale by Owner: Getting the Most for Your Law Practice By Maria Kantzavelos October 2012 Article, Page 524 How much is your practice worth? How can you maximize its value? How do you find buyers? Even if you aren't ready to sell, experts say the time to ask yourself these questions is now.
Perception is Reality: Recusal and Judicial Campaign Contributions By Maria Kantzavelos September 2012 Article, Page 468 An ISBA special committee is exploring the role of campaign contributions in judicial elections and whether recusal standards should be changed.
Through the “Meeting Legal Needs” Lens By Maria Kantzavelos July 2012 Article, Page 356 Among other projects, ISBA President John E. Thies will promote adequate funding of and public trust in Illinois courts and examine the law-student debt crisis. Here's a look at the year ahead.
Housing Crisis Intervention: Foreclosure Mediation in Illinois By Maria Kantzavelos June 2012 Article, Page 296 Proponents say foreclosure mediation helps homeowners find relief – or at least closure – in an often forbidding legal process. Here’s what’s underway in the various counties.
Taking Your Practice to the Cloud By Maria Kantzavelos April 2012 Article, Page 188 Wouldn't it be great to access case files from your laptop or store essential documents where no disaster can reach them? You can, and here's how.