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Articles From David N. Schaffer

The New Supreme Court Rules Governing Child Custody Cases: A Summary and Review By David N. Schaffer July 2006 Article, Page 354 A review of the new 900 series of Illinois Supreme Court rules, which are designed to improve child custody proceedings and which are effective July 1.
When DCFS Knocks: Representing a Client Accused of Child Abuse or Neglect By David N. Schaffer January 2004 Article, Page 26 How to review the DCFS investigative file, appeal an indicated finding, conduct discovery, and prepare for the administrative review hearing.
Troxel and Lulay — Two High Courts Speak on Grandparent Visitation Rights By David N. Schaffer February 2001 Article, Page 74 An analysis of two important new cases that limit the power of legislatures to grant grandparent visitation.