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Articles on Attorneys

Saying What You Mean: the Sequel By Maureen B. Collins March 1999 Column, Page 171 Attorneys are not above the laws of good marketing; ignore them at your peril.
Using Illinois Legal Encyclopedias By James E. Duggan March 1999 Column, Page 167 You loved 'em as a kid and as a law student — now that you're a lawyer, don't overlook encyclopedias as you begin your legal research.
Don’t Be a Sitting Duck for In-Firm Theft By Anne E. Thar February 1999 Column, Page 105 Think the unthinkable; put safeguards in place to protect yourself from theft and embezzlement by employees and colleagues.
Law and Literature: Resources for Illinois Attorneys and Law Students By Mark Sanders February 1999 Column, Page 109 Great literature, like great lawyering, responds to and reflects the human condition.
Explaining Yourself By Benjamin Goldgar January 1999 Column, Page 54 You don't need to write "persuasively''; simply explain and the persuasion will take care of itself.
LAP Needs Our Assistance Now By Timothy L. Bertschy January 1999 Column, Page 8 The Lawyers Assistance Program ("LAP'') has helped hundreds of lawyers over the last two decades. LAP now needs our help.
Office Conflict: Are You Coach or Referee? By Paul Sullivan January 1999 Column, Page 55 Too many lawyer-supervisors run from personnel problems. Here's a better approach.
Closing Arguments in Civil Trials: How Far Can Lawyers Go? By Jeffrey K. Kroll December 1998 Article, Page 666 Find out what you can and can't say in that all-important last statement to the jury.