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The several risks of joint representation By Helen W. Gunnarsson May 2005 LawPulse, Page 226 What about representing both members of a couple on an estate plan? Two or more partners to a business deal? You can do it – sometimes – if you take the proper steps.
Correspondence from Our Readers April 2005 Column, Page 158 Pro bono – the system must be fair.
Illinois Supreme Court 2004: Taking on the Tough Issues By Nancy J. Arnold and Tim Eaton April 2005 Article, Page 174 Last year the court confronted contentious issues that matter not just to lawyers but to the public at large.
Is Your Law Practice ADA Compliant? By Helen W. Gunnarsson April 2005 Article, Page 188 Every private practice is a "public accommodation" under the ADA. Are you meeting your obligations to clients and others with disabilities?
A jumbo legal malpractice case goes to the high court By Helen W. Gunnarsson April 2005 LawPulse, Page 162 All eyes are on the Tri-G legal malpractice case, where the appellate court ruled for the plaintiff to the tune of $2.3 million.
Strengthening the Legal-Aid Safety Net By Ole Bly Pace, III March 2005 Column, Page 108 We need to find a way to serve the unmet legal needs of the poor without unfairly burdening solo and small-firm lawyers.
Lawyer Training: Time for a Legal Residency? By Ole Bly Pace, III February 2005 Column, Page 60 The growth in new lawyers is overwhelming our traditional post-law-school training system.
New provisions for appointment of counsel in child support enforcement proceedings February 2005 Illinois Law Update, Page 68 The Illinois Department of Public Aid recently adopted amendments to the Child Support Enforcement regulations, 89 Ill Adm Code 160.10(h).
Attorney-client privilege waived when the party asserting the privilege places the privileged communication directly at issue in the case January 2005 Illinois Law Update, Page 14 On November 5, 2004, the Illinois Appellate Court, Second District, affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded the Circuit Court of Lake County's decision to grant the defendant's discovery motion requesting access to communications between the plaintiff's husband and a medical malpractice attorney. 
Watch What You Say: Avoiding the Accidental Attorney-Client Relationship By Bridget Hoy January 2005 Article, Page 22 Don't let your "casual conversation" turn into an attorney-client relationship that triggers the attendant ethical obligations.
Highlights of the 2004 ISBA Law Firm Economic Benchmarking Survey By Virginia Grant December 2004 Article, Page 624 How well are ISBA lawyers doing economically? Our recent economic survey provides answers to this and other questions.
Ring in the New Year with Better Client Relationships By Karen Erger December 2004 Column, Page 650 Ten reminders for 2005.
A Trust Counsel’s Duty to Beneficiaries By Robert S. Held December 2004 Article, Page 636 Although the law is unsettled, attorneys for trusts may owe a fiduciary duty to trust beneficiaries.
A Hard Way to Make a Living By Ole Bly Pace, III November 2004 Column, Page 560 The results of the ISBA law-firm economic survey are in.
An In-House Counsel’s Guide to Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege By Joseph J. Siprut November 2004 Article, Page 586 Steps company lawyer-business advisors can take to protect attorney-client privilege.
Should Lawyers Use E-mail to Communicate with Clients? By Helen W. Gunnarsson November 2004 Article, Page 572 While some lawyers are nervous about exchanging unencrypted e-mail with clients, others say just do it.
The Challenge of Representing Mentally Impaired Clients By Helen W. Gunnarsson October 2004 Article, Page 518 You think your client's judgment might be impaired – must you do what he asks? Can you talk to the family? A look at governing law.
How to Respond to an ARDC Complaint By Michael L. Shakman and Arthur W. Friedman October 2004 Article, Page 530 You get the dreaded letter from the ARDC– what do you do? Here's a step-by-step guide.
Malpractice Risks for Corporate and Business Lawyers By David R. Sinn October 2004 Article, Page 522 A review of tricky conflicts issues and other malpractice landmines for corporate lawyers.
Procrastination: Raising the Stakes By Karen Erger October 2004 Column, Page 544 Ten tips to tame your inner procrastinator.
The Long, Hard Fight to Improve Public Image By Ole Bly Pace, III September 2004 Column, Page 448 In the recent ISBA economic poll, we asked survey recipients what the ISBA could do to improve the economics of the practice. 
Burnout and the High Cost of Turnover By Paul Sullivan August 2004 Column, Page 431 Does burnout have your best employees looking elsewhere? Learn the warning signs and find out how you can create a less stressful working environment.
The Client That Got Away By Karen Erger August 2004 Column, Page 433 The statute of limitations is about to toll and your client is nowhere to be found. What to do? A new ISBA advisory opinion offers guidance.
Serving as Court-Appointed Receiver for a Missing Lawyer: A Step-by-Step Guide By John Cesario August 2004 Article, Page 425 When a sole practitioner dies; Rule 776 allows the court to appoint a receiver to wind up the practice. Here's how.
Communicating Change By Maureen B. Collins June 2004 Column, Page 321 Heads out of the sand, you ostriches; confront change directly and talk about it honestly.
Outsourcing Law Office Management to an Expert By Paul Sullivan June 2004 Column, Page 317 You're a lawyer, not a manager. Why not free yourself to practice law by turning over office administration to an expert?
Proposed New Rules of Professional Conduct for Illinois Lawyers By Robert A. Creamer and Thomas P. Luning June 2004 Article, Page 306 A joint ISBA/CBA committee's recommendations for selected new rules of professional conduct.
Is It Time to Grow Your Staff? By Paul Sullivan April 2004 Column, Page 215 If you can't seem to catch up to your workload, it may be time to bring in help. Here are some of your options.
Limited license for corporate counsel; a mixed blessing? By Helen W. Gunnarsson April 2004 LawPulse, Page 170 New Supreme Court Rule 716, which creates a limited license to practice for Illinois-based in-house counsel, is getting mixed reviews in corporate law departments.
Out-of-state lawyers OK’d for Illinois arbitrations By Helen W. Gunnarsson April 2004 LawPulse, Page 170 The first district holds that lawyers who aren't licensed in Illinois can nonetheless represent clients in Illinois-based arbitrations.