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Public defender may act as attorney for noncitizens in limited circumstances

Illinois Law Update
, Page 18
The Illinois General Assembly enacted Public Act 102-0410, which provides that in counties with populations greater than 3 million, the public defender may represent noncitizens in immigration cases.

County can get injunctive relief to remove unsafe garbage or waste from private property

Illinois Law Update
, Page 14
The Illinois General Assembly amended the Counties Code to provide an additional remedy for counties that find residential properties of one acre or less containing concentrations of unsafe garbage and other waste.

E-filing comes to Cook County

By Helen W. Gunnarsson
, Page 280
The nation's largest unified court system offers the option of electronic filing in most civil cases.
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Counties empowered to create consolidated drug courts.PA 096-0776

Illinois Law Update
, Page 16
Illinois lawmakers recently amended the Drug Court Treatment Act to allow counties in the same judicial district to form a single drug court.

Counties Code amended to address public facilities. PA 095-1002

Illinois Law Update
, Page 174
The Illinois General Assembly amended section 5-1006.5 of the Counties Code by adding terms which address "public facilities" in the "Special County Retailers' Occupation Tax" provision.

Counties Code amended. PA 095-0805

Illinois Law Update
, Page 612
The Counties Code has been amended by adding section 42000 dealing with county ownership of a wind farm. 55 ILCS 5/42000. This new section provides that a county may "own and operate a wind generation turbine farm [wind farm]." 

Counties may regulate AM broadcast stations PA 094-728

Illinois Law Update
, Page 284
In expanding the Counties Code, 55 ILCS 5/1-1001 et seq, the Illinois General Assembly has provided county boards or the "board of county commissioners of any county" with the authority to regulate "AM broadcast towers and facilities," in addition to the facilities of telecommunications carriers. 

New guidelines for adult entertainment facilities PA 093-1056

Illinois Law Update
, Page 116
Effective November 23, 2004, the Counties Code (55 ILCS 5) was amended by changing section 5-1097.5 to prohibit adult entertainment facilities from locating within 3,000 feet of the property boundaries of any school, day care center, cemetery, public park, forest preserve, public housing, and place of religious worship.

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