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Articles on Finding Illinois Law

A New Tool for Federal Legislative Research By Tom Gaylord November 2012 Column, Page 612 will soon succeed THOMAS as the go-to site for federal legislative research.
Forms and Drafting Resources for Illinois Attorneys By Tom Gaylord September 2012 Column, Page 496 One benefit of practicing in a large jurisdiction - there are lots of forms.
Employment and Labor Law Resources for Illinois Attorneys By Tom Gaylord July 2012 Column, Page 382 Illinois-specific resources for labor and employment lawyers.
Navigating the Seventh Circuit’s Website By Tom Gaylord May 2012 Column, Page 268 What better place to look for court information - everything from opinions to court rules to brief-writing guides - than the court's own website?
Federal Administrative Law, Part 3: Agency Adjudications By Tom Gaylord March 2012 Column, Page 160 Federal agency adjudicatory decisions used to be hard to find, but now most are on the web.
Immigration Law for Illinois Attorneys By Tom Gaylord January 2012 Column, Page 54 Here's where to find basic immigration law information.
Federal Administrative Law Part 3: Agency Decisions and Guidance Documents By Tom Gaylord November 2011 Column, Page 586 Here's how to find these useful resources on the web.
The New, Online-Only Illinois Reports By Tom Gaylord September 2011 Column, Page 477 Now the supreme court publishes the official version of Illinois cases - here's what it means.
Briefer Briefs: Writing and Speaking Tips from the Supreme Court By Tom Gaylord July 2011 Column, Page 368 Interviews with Supreme Court justices about effective advocacy are themselves good models.
Is the Law You Cite Authenticated? Does It Matter? By Tom Gaylord January 2011 Column, Page 48 Should the government, not vendors, produce "official" versions of the law?
Federal Administrative Law, Part 1: the e-CFR By Tom Gaylord July 2010 Column, Page 378 Free publications, including the daily e-CFR, make federal regulatory research easy.
Federal Legislative History - Free Tools at Your Fingertips By Tom Gaylord May 2010 Column, Page 264 Great (and free) Web-based resources.
Tort Law Resources for Illinois Practitioners By Tom Gaylord March 2010 Column, Page 156 Illinois tort law gets the full treatment in secondary sources.
The Google-ization of Legal Research Continues - This Time Literally By Tom Gaylord January 2010 Column, Page 48 Google now offers its own searchable case law database.
Professional Responsibility Revisited: New Illinois Rules Coming Soon By Tom Gaylord September 2009 Column, Page 472 The new rules have extensive official commentary, something missing from the current RPC.
Research Resources from Illinois Academic Law Libraries By Tom Gaylord July 2009 Column, Page 368 Have a research project? Go back to law school, or at least to a law school library near you.
Sources of Illinois Legal Research By Tom Gaylord May 2009 Column, Page 264 These bibliographies help you find Illinois research tools on your topic.
Evidence Resources or Illinois Practitioners By Tom Gaylord March 2009 Column, Page 154 A look at some free evidence-related online resources.
Illinois Statutory and Legislative Resources By Tom Gaylord January 2009 Column, Page 48 The statutes are online, of course. But here are other free resources.
Playing with PreCYdent: The move toward Free Online Primary Law By Tom Gaylord November 2008 Column, Page 588 Two Web sites are bringing free cases and more to the public
Professional Responsibility in Illinois: Rules, and MCLE By Tom Gaylord September 2008 Column, Page 474 There's a wealth of legal-ethics information online if you know where to look.
Finding Free Legal Articles on the Web By Tom Gaylord July 2008 Column, Page 370 A growing number of law-review articles are free for the viewing.
Keeping up with the Bloggers By Tom Gaylord May 2008 Column, Page 264 Use these tools to find and stay up with blawgs.
Helpful Resources from the Illinois Courts By Tom Gaylord March 2008 Column, Page 160 Every Illinois lawyer should visit the Web site of the Illinois courts.
Ready Reference for the Occasional Question By Tom Gaylord January 2008 Column, Page 52 Here’s a grab bag of miscellaneous and – mostly – free research sites.
Using “My Legislation” to Keep Up to Date By Tom Gaylord November 2007 Column, Page 608 The General Assembly Web site's free "My Legislation" feature lets you stay abreast of new public acts.
Illinois Administrative Agency Publications Online By Tom Gaylord September 2007 Column, Page 494 There's a wealth of information if you know where to look.
Beyond the Regs: Illinois Administrative Law Online By Tom Gaylord July 2007 Column, Page 382 A look at state agency Web sites that offer the agency's administrative decisions and more.
New Legislative History Resources By Tom Gaylord May 2007 Column, Page 268 Debate transcripts and more are on the General Assembly's Web site.
Finding Illinois Municipal Ordinances Online By Tom Gaylord March 2007 Column, Page 156 They can be hard to come by online - here's where to find them.