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Articles on Finding Illinois Law

Federal Government Information Abounds at By Jesse Bowman November 2017 Column, Page 50 This third iteration of the Government Publishing Office's website is an expansive and free resource for federal judicial, legislative, and executive material.
Locating Local Laws By Jesse Bowman September 2017 Column, Page 44 Municipal code provisions might have make-or-break importance for your client, but they don't appear on Westlaw or Fastcase. Here's how to find them.
Incorporate Free Resources into Your Regulatory Research By Jesse Bowman July 2017 Column, Page 54 Need to research regulations and administrative rulings? Don't forget the many free resources available these days.
Visualizing Better Research? Try Fastcase’s Interactive Timeline By Jesse Bowman May 2017 Column, Page 44 Like Ravel, Fastcase offers a robust case law visualization tool. And like all of Fastcase's core features, it's free to ISBA members.
Unraveling Ravel By Jesse Bowman March 2017 Column, Page 60 Is your research project stymied by a broken URL? Time to fire up the Wayback Machine.
Finding ‘Lost’ Legal and Governmental Information By Tom Gaylord January 2017 Column, Page 50 Is your research project stymied by a broken URL? Time to fire up the Wayback Machine.
Not Online and Free? Try the Library By Tom Gaylord November 2016 Column, Page 52 Exhausted the online resources? Don't forget that not everything is online, even in the digital age.
City Files: Researching Local Administrative Law and Data By Tom Gaylord September 2016 Column, Page 46 More local "law" beyond ordinances is available online, but sometimes a trip to a local agency is the only way to go.
The Illinois Budget: Finding Materials By Tom Gaylord July 2016 Column, Page 42 How to find information about the Illinois budget despite the impasse.
Finding the Law of Judges and Judging in Illinois By Tom Gaylord May 2016 Column, Page 42 Where to find laws governing judicial elections and more.
Federal Administrative Law: New and Updated Resources By Tom Gaylord March 2016 Column, Page 58 A fresh look at the many free resources available for researching federal regulations and agencies.
Underappreciated Illinois Legislative Resources By Tom Gaylord January 2016 Column, Page 53 The LRB and General Assembly have added new web features.
Resources for Researching Illinois Constitutional Law By Tom Gaylord November 2015 Column, Page 46 A rundown of the many free resources for researching the Illinois Constitution.
Resources for the (Occasional) Foreign-Law Researcher By Tom Gaylord September 2015 Column, Page 48 Low-cost foreign-law research options. 
A Deep Dive into the Legislative Source Book By Tom Gaylord July 2015 Column, Page 54 A closer look at this repository of federal legislative and administrative resources.
50 Columns In: What Have We Learned? By Tom Gaylord May 2015 Column, Page 48 A look back at eight years of columns.
Finding and Using Blawgs to Follow the Law By Tom Gaylord March 2015 Column, Page 50 Blawgs are great sources of breaking news on almost any topic.
More on 50-State Surveys:The Book of the States By Tom Gaylord January 2015 Column, Page 45 The Book of the States is another free online tool for doing comparative state research.
Federal and Illinois Court Dockets: What’s Online? By Tom Gaylord November 2014 Column, Page 552 Though the feds keep docket information in PACER, electronic Illinois docket info is harder to find.
Resources for Illinois Legislative History: The Seven-Year Itch By Tom Gaylord September 2014 Column, Page 450 Revisiting the Illinois General Assembly's website.
Fifty-State Surveys: Can They Be Had for Free? By Tom Gaylord July 2014 Column, Page 352 They can if you have the time.
Tax Resources from the Illinois Department of Revenue By Tom Gaylord May 2014 Column, Page 246 Tax season is over, but the IDOR website is a year-round resource.
Looking for Free Legal Information? Check out the Law Library of Congress By Tom Gaylord March 2014 Column, Page 148 There might be a broken link here or there, but the Law Library of Congress is still a great portal to free legal resources.
More Federal Court Opinions on FDsys By Tom Gaylord January 2014 Column, Page 48 The Federal Digital System (FDsys) now includes an expanded library of federal cases.
Using Twitter to Keep Up with the Law By Tom Gaylord November 2013 Column, Page 590 Twitter is a great way to send and receive breaking legal news.
Fastcase and HeinOnline Team Up By Tom Gaylord September 2013 Column, Page 482 HeinOnline and Fastcase subscribers now have access to each other's data.
What’s New with Fastcase By Tom Gaylord July 2013 Column, Page 368 The new Bad Law Bot flags negative treatment of cases.
Environmental Law Resources for Illinois Attorneys By Tom Gaylord May 2013 Column, Page 260 There's a plenty of free, online primary environmental law.
How Do I Research That? Find a LibGuide By Tom Gaylord March 2013 Column, Page 158 The LibGuide system connects to thousands of free research guides.
Update: Finding Illinois Municipal Ordinances Online (and Free!) By Tom Gaylord January 2013 Column, Page 46 A fresh look at websites that offer free online municipal codes.