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Well Grounded By Ed Finkel December 2016 Article, Page 20 Lloyd A. Karmeier grew up on a southern Illinois dairy farm and was the first in his family to practice law. A few weeks ago, he completed the journey from one-room schoolhouse to Illinois Supreme Court chief justice.
Will Rhonda Crawford take the bench? By Matthew Hector December 2016 LawPulse, Page 10 She won her race for Cook County judge. But with her law license suspended and criminal charges pending after she heard cases while still a staff attorney, will Rhonda Crawford be allowed to take office?
Judging judges By Matthew Hector November 2016 LawPulse, Page 12 There's a growing amount of sophisticated information about judges for voters and practitioners. But you still can't beat insights from fellow lawyers.
McCuskey comes full circle By Matthew Hector April 2015 LawPulse, Page 10 Judge Michael McCuskey made the rare journey from the state to the federal bench and back again - and he's happy to leave federal court behind.
The incredible, unciteable Rule 23 order By Matthew Hector October 2014 LawPulse, Page 466 Lawyers can cite magazine articles like the one you're reading in their pleadings and briefs - why can't they cite Rule 23 orders?
Judicial Independence: Two Westerns and a Promise By Hon. Ron Spears February 2014 Column, Page 98 Sometimes judges have to make a lonely stand against the majority.
Implicit Bias in the Courts By Justice Michael B. Hyman January 2014 Article, Page 40 Implicit bias and stereotypes can affect the fairness of legal proceedings. It's important for lawyers and judges to examine unconscious attitudes and their hidden dangers.
‘Aim for the Top’ By Ed Finkel November 2013 Article, Page 564 After a four-decade ascent through all levels of the Illinois court system, Rita Garman becomes Illinois's second female chief justice.
“Test the waters” doctrine not an appropriate supplement to substitution-of-judge analysis November 2013 Illinois Law Update, Page 560 On September 11, 2013, the Fourth District Appellate Court held that orders for scheduling and continuances are not substantial rulings that would allow for the denial of a motion for substitution of a judge as of right.
Access to Justice Commission strives to open courts to the poor, disabled By Adam W. Lasker December 2012 LawPulse, Page 626 The new supreme-court-appointed commission is working to improve access to the courts for people living in poverty or who have disabilities and language barriers.
Are statewide, standardized court forms coming to Illinois? By Adam W. Lasker December 2012 LawPulse, Page 626 Illinois is one of only two states without court-approved standardized forms for pro se litigants and others to use. That might be about to change.
The High Price of Low Funding By Chief Justice Thomas L. Kilbride November 2012 Article, Page 587 While courts must be frugal, the other branches have a responsibility to adequately fund our justice system, Illinois' chief justice says.
Why Adequate Court Funding Continues to be an ISBA Priority By John E. Thies November 2012 Column, Page 572 Bar associations and the lawyers they serve must promote adequate funding.
The Case for Reform of Illinois Judicial Disqualification Standards By John E. Thies September 2012 Column, Page 456 It's time we implemented commonsense, fair rules on recusal.
Perception is Reality: Recusal and Judicial Campaign Contributions By Maria Kantzavelos September 2012 Article, Page 468 An ISBA special committee is exploring the role of campaign contributions in judicial elections and whether recusal standards should be changed.
Co-parties lack standing to appeal substitution-of-judge rulings By Adam W. Lasker March 2012 LawPulse, Page 126 The Illinois Supreme Court holds in Powell v Dean Foods that a defendant does not have standing on appeal to challenge the ruling on a co-defendant's motion for substitution of judge.
Correspondence from Our Readers December 2011 Column, Page 598 What judges know about family law.
Substitution of judge for cause: the high court keeps the bar high By Helen W. Gunnarsson December 2011 LawPulse, Page 604 The supreme court refused an invitation to hold that "appearance of impropriety," as opposed to proof of actual prejudice, is the standard for substitution of judge for cause.
A Judge’s Obligation to Learn the Law By H. Joseph Gitlin October 2011 Column, Page 537 Judicial discretion gives judges tremendous power - and a heavy responsibility.
A judge’s perspective on pro se litigants By Helen W. Gunnarsson June 2011 LawPulse, Page 280 How far may - and should, and must - a judge go in helping a pro se litigant have his or her day in court?
What Price Justice? The County Board Wants to Know By Hon. Ron Spears May 2011 Column, Page 260 How much process is due a criminal defendant? It's a dollars-and-cents question.
Mandatory performance evaluations for circuit, associate judges By Helen W. Gunnarsson April 2011 LawPulse, Page 174 A new Illinois Supreme Court rule requires trial judges to submit to confidential performance evaluations.
Surviving the Death of Oral Argument By Gino L. DiVito April 2011 Article, Page 188 A retired appellate justice offers his view of what can be done to assure full and fair vetting of cases in a post-oral-argument world.
What judges want By Helen W. Gunnarsson April 2011 LawPulse, Page 174 You'll make your judge happy - or at least less unhappy - if you learn some of the unwritten rules that vary by type of case presented and by region.
“He Remembers His Roots” By Helen W. Gunnarsson February 2011 Article, Page 76 A former legal aid lawyer and sole practitioner from rural beginnings settles into the role of Illinois' chief justice.
Correspondence from Our Readers January 2011 Column, Page 6 Another approach to judicial selection
Judicial Selection in Illinois: A Third Way By Gino L. DiVito December 2010 Article, Page 624 Judicial elections? Merit selection? While the decades-old debate continues, a former judge proposes a constitutional amendment that represents a third way.
The hard work of running for judge By Helen W. Gunnarsson September 2010 LawPulse, Page 446 It's an exhausting and expensive undertaking, and the odds are often against you.
Judicial evaluations - a necessary pain in the neck By Helen W. Gunnarsson September 2010 LawPulse, Page 446 Like them or hate them, few judicial candidates dare ignore them.
So You Want to Be a Judge? By Helen W. Gunnarsson September 2010 Article, Page 456 High status, great money, no practice-management headaches - what lawyer wouldn't want to be a judge? What lawyer indeed, which is why it's a hard gig to get.