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Terry stop valid after police observed “very quick exchange” of “small items”

Illinois Law Update
Page 18
Terry stops based on the suspicion of a drug deal can be valid under the Fourth Amendment even if an officer does not witness the exchange of specific items in a hand-to-hand transaction.

The Trial

By Pete Sherman
Page 12
Two ISBA members reflect on the Jason Van Dyke trial, its aftermath, and meaning.

Service standards for office members of the Cook County Sheriff’s Merit Board amended

Illinois Law Update
Page 16
This act amends the Cook County Sheriff's Merit Board's operating procedures. The Merit Board shall consist of seven members appointed by the sheriff with the advice and consent of three-fifths of the county board.

Terms of office for current Cook County Sheriff’s Merit Board are abolished and replaced

Illinois Law Update
Page 24
The Counties Code is amended to abolish and replace the term of office of each member of the Cook County Sheriff's Merit Board.

In camera hearing for the disclosure of secret surveillance locations must reveal the exact surveillance location, be limited in scope, and be conducted outside the presence of the State and defense

Illinois Law Update
Page 18
The court reversed defendant's conviction and remanded for a new trial where the trial court improperly conducted an in camera hearing on the defendant's motion to reveal the surveillance location at which the police officer allegedly observed the defendant commit the offense.

Peace officers no longer required to swear to complaints issued for misdemeanors. PA 096-1206

Illinois Law Update
Page 180
Peace officers no longer are required to swear to complaints issued for misdemeanors, under recent amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963. (725 ILCS 5/111-3).

A Freer Hand for Police at Illinois Traffic Stops

By Rob Shumaker
Page 624
In response to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Illinois Supreme Court issued decisions that give police more freedom to search and question vehicle occupants at traffic stops.

Racial profiling study rejected; H.B. 3911

Illinois Law Update
Page 310
House Bill 3911 required Illinois law enforcement officers to record information about the race of motorists who received traffic or warning citations.

Part-Time Police Officers “Employed” by a Unit of Local Government

Illinois Law Update
Page 244
On March 3, 1999, the Attorney General published an opinion on two issues: (1) whether the use of the terms "employment'' and "employed'' in the definitions of the phrases.

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