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Articles on Law Practice and Office Management

Asked and Answered August 2007 Column, Page 435 What kind of client file system is best for your firm?
Asked and Answered July 2007 Column, Page 375 Can small p.i. firms compete with bigger ones?
Asked and Answered June 2007 Column, Page 320 Opening an IOLTA account.
Asked and Answered May 2007 Column, Page 266 Can a disbarred lawyer be a paralegal?
Ethical Challenges When Lawyers Sell Non-Legal Services By Jennifer E. Smiley and Michael L. Shakman May 2007 Article, Page 258 A review of the ethical rules that apply when lawyers seek to broaden their practices by offering non-legal services.
Choosing the Right Retirement Plan for Your Law Firm By Michael R. Maryn April 2007 Article, Page 198 A summary of leading tax-favored retirement plans, along with advice for selecting the best one for you and your firm.
IOLTA change allows trust accounts to earn highest rate By Helen W. Gunnarsson March 2007 LawPulse, Page 118 Amended RPC 1.15, effective June 1, requires lawyers to place nominal or short-term client funds with banks that pay the same return on IOLTA as on non-IOLTA accounts.
Accepting Payment by Credit Card: Priceless? By Helen W. Gunnarsson January 2007 Article, Page 18 Setting yourself up to accept credit card payments has its advantages - and its risks. 
Asked and Answered November 2006 Column, Page 620 Calendaring for the budget-conscious small firm.
The Safer Sharer By Karen Erger June 2006 Column, Page 322 Office sharers must keep their practices separate and their confidences secret.
Calendars, Conflict-Checkers and More - Using Tech Tools to Manage Data By Carl R. Draper March 2006 Article, Page 134 Here are some high-tech ways to reduce data overload and stay on top of your fast-moving practice.
Filing System Basics for Solo and Small-Firm Lawyers By Carl R. Draper February 2006 Article, Page 84 Is your filing system - paper and electronic - up to snuff?
Advertising legal services limited - Pa 09 -0659 January 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 16 Effective January 1, 2006, the Illinois general Assembly amended the Attorney Act, 705 ILCS 205/1 et seq, by changing section 1. 
Putting Your Firm on the Web By Mary Katherine Danna November 2005 Article, Page 572 Should you build a Web site? Buy a listing in an online directory? Here's an introduction to Web-based marketing.
The Truth About Going Solo By Helen W. Gunnarsson October 2005 Article, Page 510 Three ISBA members speak from experience about the joys and challenges of solo practice.
Handling High-Maintenance Clients By Helen W. Gunnarsson August 2005 Article, Page 398 Angry clients, irrational clients, obsessive clients – how do you handle them? ISBA lawyers share their strategies.
Burnout and the High Cost of Turnover By Paul Sullivan August 2004 Column, Page 431 Does burnout have your best employees looking elsewhere? Learn the warning signs and find out how you can create a less stressful working environment.
Communicating Change By Maureen B. Collins June 2004 Column, Page 321 Heads out of the sand, you ostriches; confront change directly and talk about it honestly.
Outsourcing Law Office Management to an Expert By Paul Sullivan June 2004 Column, Page 317 You're a lawyer, not a manager. Why not free yourself to practice law by turning over office administration to an expert?
Is It Time to Grow Your Staff? By Paul Sullivan April 2004 Column, Page 215 If you can't seem to catch up to your workload, it may be time to bring in help. Here are some of your options.
How Long Must Illinois Lawyers Retain Case Files? By Anton F. Mikel February 2004 Article, Page 76 A look at Illinois' murkey law dealing with who owns the contents of client files and how long lawyers have to keep them.
Seven Steps to Better Computer Security By Todd Flaming February 2004 Column, Page 101 Want to make your office less vulnerable to computer viruses, hackers, and the like? Here's a seven-step program.
When Can You Retain Client Files for Failure to Pay Fees? By Patrick Sean Ginty February 2004 Article, Page 97 While retaining liens can be effective, you should understand their scope and effect before you use them.
How to Increase Your Personal Income By Paul Sullivan January 2004 Column, Page 45 The key: make sure you're recognized as an "expert," especially by prospective clients.
Beyond Eat-What-You-Kill: Determining Partner Compensation By John W. Olmstead November 2003 Column, Page 575 Make sure your partner-compensation system encourages behavior that advances, not undermines, your firm's strategic goals.
Marketing Tips for Small Law Firms By John W. Olmstead September 2003 Column, Page 469 Small-firm lawyers can no longer ignore marketing and hope to survive, let alone thrive. Here are tips for ramping up your marketing effort.
Monitors: Choosing a Window to Your Computer By Todd Flaming August 2003 Column, Page 411 You spend much of your day staring at a computer monitor. Here's a brief buyer's guide.
Sale of a Law Practice: Out of the Shadows and into the Rules By John H. Maville June 2003 Article, Page 292 A look at the ISBA's proposed transfer-of-practice rule.
The Wireless Alternative By Todd Flaming June 2003 Column, Page 309 Wireless networking has come into its own, and it might be right for you and your firm.
Use Financial, Management Reports to Increase Your Profitability By Paul Sullivan May 2003 Column, Page 257 Your accounting program can produce reports that help you measure productivity and improve your bottom line. Are you using them to full advantage?