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Articles on Law Practice and Office Management

Disaster Recovery Basics By Todd Flaming December 2001 Column, Page 659 With some basic disaster planning, you can keep your practice up and running even if your office is damaged or destroyed.
Make Your Banker Your Partner By Paul Sullivan November 2001 Column, Page 599 Need a loan to grow your practice or even out cash flow? Here's what your banker has to offer and what you'll be asked to provide in return.
The Letterhead Name Game By Karen J. Dilibert October 2001 Column, Page 545 What's in that name on your firm's letterhead? Trouble, if you don't mind your ps and qs.
Managing the E-mail Monster By Todd Flaming October 2001 Column, Page 541 Driven into a corner by e-mail overload? Here's how to fight back.
How to Boost Office Morale without Spending a Dime By Paul Sullivan September 2001 Column, Page 491 The best motivator isn't money, it's recognition.
Tired of the Paper Chase? Here’s a Better Binder By Todd Flaming August 2001 Column, Page 431 Until the paperless office arrives, consider this approach to storing and organizing hard-copy documents.
From Office Sharing to Letterhead: The Ethics of Holding Yourself Out to the Public By Deane Beth Brown July 2001 Article, Page 369 A review of the ethical issues facing lawyers as they communicate the nature of their practices.
The Illinois Electronic Commerce Security Act: Birth and Death of an E-Commerce Approach? By Kristin Mihelic July 2001 Article, Page 356 The author argues that Illinois should abandon its Electronic Commerce Security Act and follow the national uniform approach.
An Introduction to Knowledge Management By Paul Sullivan July 2001 Column, Page 375 You've heard the buzzwords, but what is "knowledge management" and what can it do for you? Read on.
Your Office on the Web By Todd Flaming June 2001 Column, Page 319 Applications service providers, or ASPs, rent computer programs over the Web. They can give you more computing power and flexibility for less money, but beware the risks.
Had It with Technology? Remember the (Not So) Good Ol’ Days By Paul Sullivan May 2001 Column, Page 265 A look at how far we've come in law office technology in the last 30-plus years.
Technology in a Cost-Conscious Era By Todd Flaming April 2001 Column, Page 205 What if, instead of buying a lot of separate programs, you put all of your data on one computer and use a standard Web browser like Internet Explorer to input, search, and display the results?
Contractor or Employee: Be Sure to Get It Right By Paul Sullivan March 2001 Column, Page 149 You risk financial penalty if you treat an employee as an independent contractor.
Your Computer Can Help Analyze Your Case By Todd Flaming February 2001 Column, Page 97 Software; especially a program called "CaseMap"; can help you see the relationships between the facts, people, events, and issues in your case.
Just Another Day at the Office By Paul Sullivan January 2001 Column, Page 43 If you run the business side of a law practice, you've probably had a day or two like this one.
Correspondence from Our Readers December 2000 Column, Page 678 Civility, please.
Make Your Real Estate Practice Profitable Again By Margaret A. Bennett December 2000 Article, Page 717 Increase the efficiency and profitability of your real estate practice.
Technology Training: Why It’s a Must By Todd H. Flaming December 2000 Column, Page 723 You'll waste your investment in hardware and software if you don't invest some time and effort in training people how to use it.
Legal Malpractice, Ethics, and Your Support Staff By Anne E. Thar October 2000 Column, Page 603 Learn in chilling detail the enormous risk you take when you cut corners on staff training and supervision, and find out what to do about it.
Jump-Start Your Cash Flow By Paul Sullivan September 2000 Column, Page 539 Do you know where your money goes, and where and when it comes in? Here are tips to help you get control of your receipts and expenses.
ISBA Computer Book Brings You into the 21st Century By Todd H. Flaming August 2000 Column, Page 475 Find out how to put computers to work in your practice with this new book from the ISBA's Committee on Legal Technology.
Using PowerPoint to Power Your Argument By Todd H. Flaming June 2000 Column, Page 357 PowerPoint is a powerful, easy-to-use program that can spice up your presentation. And it's probably already on your computer.
The Lawyer’s Role in Lawyer/Staff Relations By Paul Sullivan and Kettie A. Sprenger May 2000 Column, Page 287 Are you keeping up your side of the employer/employee relationship?
Electronic Briefs: The Time Has Come By Todd H. Flaming April 2000 Column, Page 233 Here's how to create an electronic brief that includes exhibits, signed documents; everything you'd include in a paper version. For an example, see /ibj/apr00lj/ebrief.pdf.
Talking—and Listening—to Your Employees By Paul Sullivan March 2000 Column, Page 171 Taking the time to communicate with workers will pay dividends.
Cell Phones and the Next Big Thing By Todd H. Flaming February 2000 Column, Page 107 Cell phones are about to take a quantum leap in power and functionality — maybe you’d best sit tight until they do.
Laptops for Everyone By Todd Flaming December 1999 Column, Page 673 Should you buy a laptop and how? Here's what to look for.
The Three “A”s of Business Planning By Paul Sullivan November 1999 Column, Page 611 If you really want to succeed as a lawyer, you need a plan.
How to Produce Computer Data in Discovery By Todd H. Flaming October 1999 Column, Page 555 Requests to produce computer data are increasingly common; here's a primer on how to comply.
Learn to Be a Lawyer-Entrepreneur By Paul Sullivan September 1999 Column, Page 497 Competition is more fierce than ever, clients are more demanding; but you can rise to the challenge if you think like an entrepreneur, not a ``technician.''