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Reasonable Fees in Dissolution of Marriage Cases By Donald C. Schiller September 2006 Article, Page 474 A look at what the cases say about what constitutes a "reasonable" attorney fee in a divorce proceeding.
Reforming the Civil Jury System in Illinois: The 2006 Allerton Conference By Jeffrey A. Parness November 2006 Article, Page 608 Should jurors be given instructions at the start of civil trials? Should they be more free to ask questions? Find out what the Allerton conferees think.
Reliable enforcement of Public accounting act encouraged January 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 16 Part 1430 of Title 68, 68 Ill Adm Code 1430, has been amended by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. 
Religious freedom recognized by Condominium Property Act PA 094-0729 June 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 284 Section 18.4 of the Condominium Property Act (765 ILCS 605/1 et seq) has been amended to expand the powers and duties of the boards of managers for condominium associations while also recognizing the right of property owners to exercise their religious beliefs.
Reporting requirements for election expenditures updated August 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 404 Effective June 9, 2006, the Illinois State Board of Elections has amended 26 Ill Adm Code 100, regarding "political committees that initially file a Statement of Non-Participation." 
Requirements for trifecta and superfecta wagering are standardized August 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 404 The Illinois Racing Board has amended 11 Ill Adm Code 306, to create a common set of requirements for both harness and thorough-bred horse racing regarding trifecta wagering. 
Riverboat casinos authorized to upgrade their surveillance technology July 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 334 Effective April 26, 2006, the Illinois Gaming Board amended part 3000 of title 86, 86 Ill Adm Code 3000. 
Rule 222 -the high cost of noncompliance By Helen W. Gunnarsson February 2006 LawPulse, Page 62 Plaintiffs who fail to heed the disclosure rule, which governs specified cases implicating $50,000 or less in damages, face the extinguishment of their claim. 
Rule changes concerning the evaluation, recognition, and supervision of public schools December 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 650 The State Board of Education (Board) has made several changes to 23 Ill Adm Code 1, which governs public schools. The amendments became effective September 26, 2006.
Rule of Thumb By H. Joseph Gitlin July 2006 Column, Page 384 The phrase has its origins in legalized wife beating. Or does it?
Rules amended to allow state stewards to void horse races December 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 650 The Illinois Racing Board has amended part 1306 of title 11, 11 Ill Adm Code 1306. The amendment permits state stewards to have a race voided and to have that race's wagers refunded. 
Rules for interest accrual on child support judgments are clarified October 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 526 Effective July 28, 2006, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (Department) has amended part 160 of title 89, 89 Ill Adm Code 160. 
Rules updated regarding electronic transmission of election information December 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 650 Effective September 30, 2006, the Illinois State Board of Elections has added a new section to 26 Ill Adm Code 207. 
Safe Homes Act created to help reduce domestic violence- PA094-1038 December 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 650 The Illinois General Assembly passed the Safe Homes Act (Act) in an effort to reduce domestic violence by improving the ability of tenant victims and their families to escape "domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking."
The Safer Sharer By Karen Erger June 2006 Column, Page 322 Office sharers must keep their practices separate and their confidences secret.
School Code amended for additional sources of revenue PA 094-0714 March 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 118 On December 13, 2005, the "Contracts" section of the School Code (105 ILCS 5/10-20.21) was amended to better monitor contracts that generate supplementary revenue for school districts. 
School Code amended to include bonds as exempt from indebtedness PA 094-0721 April 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 174 Section 19-1 of the School Code (105 ILCS 5/19-1) has been revised to provide that bonds issued by school districts offering K-12 curriculum will not be considered indebtedness regardless of all previous law, including any limitations that may exist under this section. 
School zone speed limit now applies to park and recreation facilities PA 094-0808 August 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 404 Recently the Illinois General Assembly concluded that since lower speed limits near schools have protected children for years and since many children also use parks and recreation facilities near schools, the speed limits should be lower near the parks as well. 
A Second Season of Service - Master Attorneys By Irene F. Bahr December 2006 Column, Page 640 A special ISBA committee will help retired lawyers serve those who need counsel.
Section of the Illinois Election Code is unconstitutional May 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 230 On March 6, 2006, the Illinois Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, and affirmed the decision of the Circuit Court of Cook County, holding unconstitutional section 7A-1 of the Illinois Election Code (10 ILCS 5/7A-1).
Selling a Client’s Company: A Cautionary Tale By Lin Hanson March 2006 Column, Page 150 The seller's lawyer should make like the buyer's and take a critical look at the business before the sale.
Separate but equal grooming standards okayed By Helen W. Gunnarsson June 2006 LawPulse, Page 278 Requiring female but not male bartenders to wear makeup does not violate Title VII, the ninth circuit rules. 
Serving a Litigation Banquet By Hon. Ron Spears February 2006 Column, Page 92 Make sure your preparation and presentation are first rate for your juror guests.
Serving Members and the Public By Robert K. Downs February 2006 Column, Page 60 Much has been - and remains to be - done.
Shareholder Agreements in Illinois By Lin Hanson December 2006 Column, Page 680 The history of - and practice pointers about - shareholder agreements for close corporations.
Should You Store Your Client’s Will? By Helen W. Gunnarsson October 2006 Article, Page 532 More and more lawyers say it's a bad idea. But what do you do instead? Is a central will repository the answer?
Smoking now prohibited in all college dorms : PA 094-0770 July 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 334 While some college dorms permitted certain floors to allow smoking, the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act (Act) now prohibits smoking in all student dorms. 
Sour notes By Helen W. Gunnarsson March 2006 LawPulse, Page 110 The destructive, expensive breakup of a string quartet leads to the obvious question: what advance legal planning might have kept things from getting out of control? And what can you do for your musician clients? 
Standards clarified for termination or denial of HSP services January 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 16 In an attempt to clarify those customer actions that cause a customer's home Service Program (hSP) services to be terminated, the Department of Human Services has amended Part 684 of Title 89, 89 Ill Adm Code 684. 
Standards created to allow retired police officers to have concealed weapons July 2006 Illinois Law Update, Page 334 Effective April 11, 2006, the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board has added new sections to part 1720 of title 20, 20 Ill Adm Code 1720.