Affinity Consulting

New Firm Launch

For any lawyer considering or planning on going out on their own, we offer a service that outlines in detail everything they need to consider when it comes to starting their firm.  It starts out with discovery calls where we learn about their practice, the software they have previously used, along with many other details, and ends with our recommendations report.  Our report includes advice on computers, servers, cloud services, email, printing, scanning, phones, matter management and billing software, pdf creation software, branding process design, website development, and much more.

Member: $3,600
Non-Member: $4,000

Trust Account Review

This product is designed to give lawyers confidence that they have the right processes and procedures in place to stay compliant with the trust accounting rules.  We have a call with the firm to discuss their processes when it comes to maintaining and reconciling their trust account, we review their last 6 months of reconciliations, we review the current state of trust funds held, and then we provide a report with our recommendations for resolving any identified issues.

Member: $895
Non-Member: $995


You want to practice law, service your clients, and build your business, but there are only so many hours in the day. This service relieves small firms of these non-billable tasks. Gaining back that valuable time allows you to focus on your clients, and happy and satisfied clients will lead to more business and referrals. You can also be assured of the accuracy of your firm's financial information and trust accounting, and a better work/life balance. Services include prebill creation and review, billing, e-billing (Ledes, etc) trust Accounting, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, month end reporting.

Member: $95 per hour
Non-Member: $100 per hour

To take advantage of these services, contact and make sure you mention your ISBA membership!