Smokeball is the industry leader in legal productivity software. With Smokeball, you do much more than just "manage" your practice. Smokeball specializes in making small law firms with 15 total staff or fewer more productive, profitable, and organized. Smokeball delivers unmatched document automation due to Smokeball's powerful Microsoft Word integration, legal form library, and robust PDF automation capabilities. Hybrid-cloud technology gives attorneys the power to work from anywhere, with or without internet connection. Automatic time and activity tracking ensures attorneys and staff capitalize on their valuable time and provides up-to-the-minute profitability and efficiency analysis. And, a fully integrated billing system helps Smokeball clients get paid faster and smarter. We've thought of everything an attorney needs to run a more productive law firm because almost half of our company is made up of lawyers and former legal professionals.

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  • Unlimited award-winning account management, training, and support from legal pros.

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