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ISBA Assembly approves Rule 711 recommendation

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January 26, 2016

The Illinois State Bar Association’s 203-member Assembly recently approved a recommendation to the Illinois Supreme Court to amend Rule 711 to allow law students with a 711 license to practice with private attorneys. Law students with a 711 license currently are allowed to practice with not-for-profit or governmental agencies.

ISBA President Umberto S. Davi created the committee to make sure law students are practice ready after they finish law school and pass the bar.

“We want to get law students into the courtroom so they have that experience,” President Davi said. “This provides a way for students to have that opportunity while also getting supervision from a practicing attorney.”

Judge Michael Chmiel, chair of the ISBA Special Committee on Rule 711, presented the report on behalf of the committee. The committee consists of 12 ISBA members, including a judge, a law professor, two law students and eight practicing attorneys. Law students in 31 states, including most of those surrounding Illinois, are able to engage in private practice along the lines suggested in the recommendation.

“The committee’s goal is to get students to be practice ready,” Judge Chmiel said. “We feel the best way to do that is with experience.”

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