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Circuit court has jurisdiction to resolve disputes involving attorney referral agreements By Shuaib Ahmed Workers’ Compensation Law, April 2015 In Ferris, Thompson and Zweig, Ltd. v. Esposito, the Illinois Supreme Court addressed the issue of whether the Legislature intended to divest the Circuit Court jurisdiction and confer original jurisdiction on the Commission to resolve a dispute based on a referral agreement apportioning attorney fees earned in a claim filed under the Workers’ Compensation Act.
Evaluating permanent partial disability in the wake of Section 8.1(b)—Has anything changed? By Shuaib Ahmed Workers’ Compensation Law, May 2014 A synopsis of the reported decisions analyzing the five factors of permanent partial disability under Section 8.1b, broken down by each factor.
Stipulation binding when signed By Shuaib Ahmed Workers’ Compensation Law, June 2013 In Ingrassia Interior Elements v. IWCC, the Appellate Court held that when a transcript is not filed within the time period specified by section 19(b) of the Act, the Commission is not deprived of its jurisdiction to review the Arbitrator’s Decision.
Penalties for delay in authorization for medical treatment? No dice. A respondent’s perspective By Shuaib Ahmed Workers’ Compensation Law, July 2012 IHollywood Casino v. IWCC, the Appellate Court affirmed the Circuit Court and upheld that there is no legal basis for assessing penalties and fees against the employer for delay in authorization and/or pre-authorization of medical treatment.

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