Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Have you always wanted to be a published writer and earn MCLE credit and other benefits in the process? ISBA newsletters provide the perfect opportunity for practicing attorneys, law students, or anyone who can provide a unique legal perspective.

Over 40 ISBA Sections and Committees produce their own newsletters with content tailored to their community of lawyers and substantive areas of practice. Each newsletter publishes a minimum of four issues per year, and every article is then archived on the ISBA website.

The ideal newsletter article is written with a specific audience (e.g., a specific Section or Committee) in mind and in a well-organized and conversational style. Topics are at your discretion, and many of our newsletters often include case updates, new and proposed legislation, news and trends in your area of practice, practice management advice, and more.

The Review & Submission Process

ISBA Newsletter content is volunteer-driven. Each Section or Committee has a volunteer newsletter editor who is responsible for reviewing submissions and selecting content for each issue. Submissions may be sent directly to the newsletter editors for consideration.

If you are unsure which Section or Committee you should submit your article to or do not know who the newsletter editor is, contact Sara Anderson, ISBA publications manager, for assistance.

Mechanical Requirements

Length – Articles may be as long or short as the author chooses to make them. However, we recommend aiming for articles that are no longer than 2,500 words in length. Longer articles can be broken up into shorter articles to be run as a series.

Editing – Articles may be edited for clarity and style by the newsletter editor and ISBA staff.

Endnotes and citations – Citations should be in endnote form rather than in the body of the article. Citations should be consistent with the Style Manual for the Supreme and Appellate Courts of Illinois, which largely adheres to A Uniform System of Citation (the Bluebook).

Summary - Include a brief one- or two-sentence summary of your article, preferably 25 words or fewer.

Biography - Include a biography of yourself, including your email address, unless you don't want it published.

Copyright - The Illinois State Bar Association requires all newsletter authors to sign our author release form. We have two available—the general form may be signed once to cover all future articles written. The single-use form must be signed for each article submitted.

The forms provide ISBA with a non-exclusive license to publish and post on our website. The author retains the rights to his or her article, and can publish elsewhere at any time.

Copies – Authors may request a complimentary PDF copy of their published articles.

Ready to Go?

Email your article in Microsoft Word format as an email attachment to Sara Anderson at to have your article forwarded to the appropriate newsletter editor for consideration and review. If your article is accepted, we will let you know and ask you to sign our release form.

Sara may also be contacted to answer any additional assistance or questions.