Articles From Attila Bogdan

Case summaries By Jason Rossetto, Ahanti Osteen, Brendan Max, Gregory Paul Vazquez, Dana Drexler, & Attila Bogdan Criminal Justice, July 2007 During a police traffic stop, the passenger of an automobile is seized and detained in addition to the driver, for purposes of Fourth Amendment analysis. Brendlin v. California, 551 U.S. ___ (2007).
Case summaries By Lester Finkle, Brendan Max, & Attila Bogdan Criminal Justice, September 2005 Defendant challenged the constitutionality of questioning by officers about drugs and alcohol after he was stopped for a minor traffic offense and was issued a warning.
Case summaries By Jeff Chan & Attila Bogdan Criminal Justice, May 2005 Recent cases of interest.
Illinois law provides new protections to non-citizen defendants By Attila Bogdan International and Immigration Law, December 2004 As many immigration practitioners know all too well, the consequences of a non-citizen's criminal conviction are very different from those of a United States citizen.

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