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Case summaries By Jason Rossetto, Ahanti Osteen, Brendan Max, Gregory Paul Vazquez, Dana Drexler, and Attila Bogdan Criminal Justice, July 2007 During a police traffic stop, the passenger of an automobile is seized and detained in addition to the driver, for purposes of Fourth Amendment analysis. Brendlin v. California, 551 U.S. ___ (2007).
Case summaries By Lester Finkle, Brendan Max, and Attila Bogdan Criminal Justice, September 2005 Defendant challenged the constitutionality of questioning by officers about drugs and alcohol after he was stopped for a minor traffic offense and was issued a warning.
Case summaries By Jeff Chan and Attila Bogdan Criminal Justice, May 2005 Recent cases of interest.
Illinois law provides new protections to non-citizen defendants By Attila Bogdan International and Immigration Law, December 2004 As many immigration practitioners know all too well, the consequences of a non-citizen's criminal conviction are very different from those of a United States citizen.

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