Articles From Hon. Terrence J. Brady

Court costs in civil cases By Hon. Terrence J. Brady Bench and Bar, June 2003 The Illinois Supreme Court has put the defining word on the issue of recoverable court costs in civil cases.
Case summaries By Hon. Terrence J. Brady & Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. Bench and Bar, July 2002 This appears to be the first decision in a court of review to specifically hold that after 30 days, a case dismissed for want of prosecution (DWP) may be reinstated, and does not require refiling.
ISBA 2002 Future of the Courts Conference—noteworthy recommendations re: judges By Hon. Terrence J. Brady Bench and Bar, July 2002 At the 2002 Future of Courts Conference in April, a number of recommendations were adopted for review by the ISBA Board of Governors, including several recommendations affecting the evaluation and selection of judges, and judicial campaign funding.

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