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Spring legislative round-up By Amy A. Breyer Animal Law, June 2011 Highlights of the animal law bills that came before the Illinois Legislature this spring.
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Comments from the Chair By Amy A. Breyer Animal Law, June 2010 A letter to readers from the Animal Law Section's Founder and Chair.
Comments from the Chair By Amy A. Breyer Animal Law, January 2010 No matter what your practice area, human interests often intersect with animal interests. The ISBA’s Animal Law Section offers you both an opportunity to stay on top of this constantly evolving area, as well as a valuable link to resources you may need when that intersection of interests crosses your desk. 
Vote for humane farming and nobody gets (as) hurt By Amy A. Breyer Agricultural Law, May 2008 no federal law protects animals from cruelty during their lives on the farm, and most state cruelty laws exempt “customary” practices anyway, such as debeaking or use of gestation crates and battery cages, no matter how cruel those practices are from a commonsense standpoint.

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