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Service of process on corporations and limited liability companies By Joel L. Chupack Civil Practice and Procedure, July 2017 There are two significant differences in service on a corporation as opposed to a limited liability company. One of these differences is during the entity’s existence. The other is after its dissolution.
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Do good fences make good neighbors? By Joel L. Chupack Real Estate Law, February 2017 What does a good neighbor do if they want a fence, but there is a recorded restriction that states “NO FENCE OF ANY KIND SHALL BE COMMENCED, ERECTED OR MAINTAINED IN SAID SUBDIVISION ON ANY RESIDENTIAL LOT”?
Caveat lessor By Joel L. Chupack Real Estate Law, March 2014 A look at some issues and problems raised by the The State of Illinois' and the City of Chicago's laws affecting the relationship between purchasers of distressed residential real estate and the tenants who occupy them.
Distressed condominium property legislation By Joel L. Chupack Real Estate Law, October 2009 This is a major piece of litigation, empowering the courts with the heretofore non-existent power to authorize the sale of an entire condominium property. In short, the courts will have the power to appoint a receiver for the condominium property, and if the property is found to be distressed and not viable as a condominium, to de-convert it and sell the property as a whole.
Essentials for a smooth closing: Part II—Condominium resales By Joel L. Chupack Real Estate Law, October 2008 The closing of a condominium resale entails additional considerations and a lot more interfacing with other entities than exist with the typical single-family home resale.

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