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Supreme Court issues ruling potentially restricting use of student admissions to police liaison officers By Matthew Cohen & Naoshi Cummings Child Law, February 2012 A recent Supreme Court decision, J.D.B. v. North Carolina, raises new questions about the ability of police officers, including school police liaisons/school resource officers, to use in-school interrogations as evidence in court unless they have given the student Miranda warnings.
IDEA 2004 embraces broader mandate for evaluation, eligibility and FAPE By Matthew Cohen Child Law, September 2007 IDEA 2004 contained sweeping new language regarding the scope of evaluation, the considerations for eligibility and for programming.
Obtaining accommodations for college students with disabilities By Matthew Cohen Child Law, September 2007 Although some children with disabilities may have impairments that are so severe that college is not a realistic option for them, many others have the potential to be highly successful in college and beyond, particularly if provided the appropriate accommodations that they need to function within the college environment.

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