Articles From Stefanie L. Cooley

CASA: Specialized advocates for medically at-risk kids By Stefanie L. Cooley Child Law, May 2013 Children who are medically fragile or those having special, medical needs are provided an advocate able to comprehend the medical diagnoses and convey to the courts the meaning behind medical terminology.
CASA: Stability saves By Stefanie L. Cooley Child Law, December 2012 CASA is an organization of volunteer advocates appointed by the court to advocate for an individual child in the foster care system. Appointment of a CASA volunteer not only provides more comfort and a feeling of empowerment in each foster child by giving them a voice, it also decreases the length of time a child stays in foster care.
CASA: Helping the courts and neglected minors By Stefanie L. Cooley Child Law, September 2012 The Court Appointed Special Advocates program promotes stability for foster care children and limits the costs associated with the length of time a child spends in foster care as well as state-funded legal counsel through increased communication between the children and the courts.

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