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Relief from a mandatory revocation for causing death by violation of the vehicle code By J. Randall Cox Traffic Laws and Courts, September 2012 relatively new section of the Vehicle Code provides for the mandatory revocation of driving privileges if someone violates a provision of the Vehicle Code, and that violation proximately causes the death of another.
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So your client has given you physical evidence of a crime… By J. Randall Cox Traffic Laws and Courts, May 2011 On the one hand, the delivery to the attorney is a communication which the attorney is required to protect. (Rule 1.6) However, an attorney is not to unlawfully obstruct another party’s access to evidence. (Rule 3.4) How is this conflict resolved? The courts of Illinois do not appear to have directly addressed this.
Failure to comply with Rule 431(b)’s Direction to Inquire of Jurors of the Defendants’ Enumerated Rights may be reversible error By J. Randall Cox Traffic Laws and Courts, March 2010 Rule 431(b) requires a trial court to ask each potential juror individually, or in a group, whether each understands and accepts four principles.
People v. Popeck: State’s right to all of defendant’s medical records on day of arrest By J. Randall Cox Traffic Laws and Courts, March 2009 A summary of the case of People v. Popeck.

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