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Redeploy Illinois program comes to several counties in the First Judicial Circuit By Kimberly L. Dahlen Child Law, December 2013 The Redeploy Illinois Program for juveniles will begin January 2014, in the First Judicial Circuit counties of Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Saline, and Union.
Casenote: In re A.P. and J.P. , 2012 IL 113875 By Kimberly L. Dahlen Child Law, March 2013 The Illinois Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the appellate court’s decision to reverse the circuit court's finding.
Adoption code changes affecting access to birth certificates By Kimberly L. Dahlen & Ayla N. Ellison Child Law, August 2011 Beginning November 15, 2011, any adopted adult or surrendered person, who was born in Illinois on or after January 1, 1946, may complete and file a request for a non-certified copy of an original birth certificate.
Changes to consent requirements in the Adoption Act By Kimberly L. Dahlen Child Law, August 2011 The revised procedures and forms in the statute must be followed to ensure that an adoption is properly finalized.
Case notes By Hon. Kimberly L. Dahlen, Debra A. Seaton, Hon. Michael Kiley, Ava George Stewart, & Randall Rosenbaum Criminal Justice, April 2011 Recent decisions affecting criminal law in Illinois.
Statutory publication notice provision inadequate to afford due process in this zoning case By Kimberly L. Dahlen Civil Practice and Procedure, May 2010 In a recent decision, the Illinois Supreme Court held that the notice provided by the City of Zion in this zoning case did not satisfy due process requirements pursuant to the Illinois Municipal Code.
Evidence of negligence may not preclude summary judgment in an unavoidable accident By Kimberly L. Dahlen Civil Practice and Procedure, March 2009 The court found that the trial court’s granting of summary judgment for the defendants was proper.
The mailbox rule does not apply to refiling of a voluntarily dismissed complaint By Kimberly L. Dahlen Civil Practice and Procedure, December 2007 In Wilson v. Brant, 374 Ill.App.3d 306, 869 N.E.2d 818 (1st Dist. 2007), a unanimous First District Appellate Court determined that the mailbox rule does not apply to the commencement of any action, specifically in this case, where a plaintiff refiled a complaint after taking a voluntary dismissal.
Supreme Court finds patient privacy violation outside scope of employment By Hon. Kimberly L. Dahlen Civil Practice and Procedure, June 2007 The issue in Bagent v. Blessing Care Corp., was whether Illini Community Hospital could be held vicariously liable under a theory of respondeat superior for a phlebotomist’s disclosure of a patient’s confidential medical information to a third party at a tavern while off duty.
People v. Jackson By Kimberly L. Dahlen Criminal Justice, September 2003 In a case of first impression, the Illinois Supreme Court reversed the trial and appellate courts, holding that, in a criminal bench trial, the State may not introduce evidence relating to a witness' polygraph test "for a limited purpose" if that purpose had not been established prior to the admission of the evidence.
Double jeopardy By Kimberly L. Dahlen Criminal Justice, March 2002 In People v. Bellmyer, the issue on appeal was whether the trial court erred in denying defendant's motion to dismiss based on double jeopardy where the parties had completed a stipulated bench trial, but the court refused to enter a verdict.

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